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Short Long Splice- Accelerated Wear and Tensile Strength Test01/01/1994 TN-13web_TN-13 (777.51 Kb)
Spot Ripping of Cutover01/01/1994 TN-14web_TN-14 (310.26 Kb)
Towtem Articulating Grapple Clam01/01/1995 TN-15web_TN-15 (394.76 Kb)
Dehydration: The Dry Horror’s01/01/1995 TN-16web_TN-17 (353.45 Kb)
The MAN 8X8 Truck01/01/1995 TN-18web_TN-18 (368.91 Kb)
Wilco Spot Cultivator01/01/1995 TN-19web_TN-19 (359.96 Kb)
Strength Reduction of Wire Rope- Pin Connections01/01/1995 TN-20web_TN-20 (328.04 Kb)
Criteron 400 Survey Laser for Surveying Forestry Roads01/01/1996 TN-21web_TN-21 (822.64 Kb)
Prosurvey 1000 Laser for Surveying Forestry Roads01/01/1996 TN-22web_TN-22 (373.45 Kb)
“Fibre Recovery Limited- A System for Collecting, Transporting and Processing Logging Residue”01/01/1996 TN-23web_TN-23 (386.69 Kb)
Syncrofalke Automated Skyline Hauler01/01/1996 TN-24web_TN-24 (828.08 Kb)
Vehicle Engine Performance in Forest Fire Conditions01/01/1996 TN-25web_TN-25 (143.79 Kb)
Sapstain management Part One: An Introduction to Sapstain01/01/1996 TN-26web_TN-26 (418.67 Kb)
Cutover Waste Assessment- A Comparison of Sampling Techniques and Intensities01/01/1996 TN-27web_TN-27 (328.33 Kb)
Purpose Built tree Felling Hammers01/01/1996 TN-28web_TN-28 (406.22 Kb)
A Swivelling and Self Levelling Forestry Machine Cab01/01/1996 TN-29web_TN-29 (394.54 Kb)
Effects of Survival and Tree Growth of Spot Cultivation with the Wilco01/01/1997 TN-30web_TN-30 (704.59 Kb)
The BH- 1220 Series 2 Rockbuster01/01/1997 TN-31web_TN-31 (371.15 Kb)
Utilisation of Logging Residue from a Hauler Landing01/01/1997 TN-33web_TN-33 (1.20 Mb)
Road Tech 2000- Road Stabilisation01/01/1997 TN-34web_TN-34 (362.03 Kb)
Wider Tyres Reduce Logging Costs01/01/1998 TN-35web_TN-35 (351.16 Kb)
Retention of Biomass on the Cutover- Effect of Delimbing Location01/01/1998 TN-36web_TN-36 (337.10 Kb)
Improving Worker Sustainability with a Forest Harness01/01/1998 TN-38web_TN-38 (337.03 Kb)
Auto-Tensioning Load Restraints01/01/1998 TN-39web_TN-39 (334.81 Kb)
Landing Residue to Boiler Fuel- Using a Wastepro Hog01/01/1998 TN-40web_TN-40 (584.13 Kb)
Locking Twitch Extension Bar01/01/1998 TN-41web_TN-41 (324.90 Kb)
Using a Helicopter to Pull Stawline01/01/1998 TN-42web_TN-42 (549.03 Kb)
Steel Bolsters with Aluminium Stanchions01/01/1998 TN-43web_TN-43 (448.75 Kb)
Boman Mark 3-H Skycar: A Case Study01/01/1998 TN-44web_TN-44 (363.39 Kb)
The Use of Motorised Slackpulling and Skycar Carriages in Cable Operations01/01/1998 TN-45web_TN-45 (612.32 Kb)
An Alternative Cable System: Self-propelled Carriages01/01/1998 TN-46web_TN-46 (554.92 Kb)
Truckbase Log Monitoring System01/01/1999 TN-47web_TN-47 (330.74 Kb)
Tyre Regrooving01/01/1999 TN-48web_TN-48 (528.33 Kb)
Air Curtain Destructor- Log Yard Incineration Trial01/01/1999 TN-49web_TN-49 (306.98 Kb)
ROTREE Spot Cultivator- New Zealand Update01/01/1999 TN-50web_TN-50 (534.14 Kb)
Drag Builder Optimises Payloads01/01/1999 TN-51web_TN-51 (178.43 Kb)
Aztec’s Safer Strategy for Log Truck Transport01/01/1999 TN-52web_TN-52 (278.31 Kb)
Effect of in-forest drying on cost of Transporting Forest Arisings as Bio-Energy01/01/2000 TN-55web_TN-55 (632.98 Kb)
Potential Biomass Resource Contained in Pre-commercial and Production Thinnings Residues01/01/2000 TN-56web_TN-56 (620.85 Kb)
Injuries and Deaths in Forestry- ANZ Experience01/01/1979 TR-V-01-01web_TN-V1-1 (680.67 Kb)
Helicopter Logging in Young Crop Radiata Pine01/01/1979 TR-V-01-02web_TN-V1-2 (360.54 Kb)
The Felling Bench01/01/1979 TR-V-01-05web_TN-V1-5 (818.39 Kb)
Thinning Steep Country Using Plastic Chutes01/01/1980 TR-V-02-01web_TN-V2-1 (816.94 Kb)
Bunching to Increase Skidder Productivity01/01/1981 TR-V-03-01web_TN-V3-1 (751.40 Kb)
Fitting an Igland Winch to a Clark Skidder01/01/1982 TR-V-04-03web_TN-V4-3 (710.62 Kb)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Winches01/01/1983 TR-V-05-03web_TN-V5-3 (684.19 Kb)
“Oregon State University Forest Engineering “” Short Course”””01/01/1983 TR-V-05-04web_TN-V5-4 (538.83 Kb)
Mechanical Tree Selection in Thinning01/01/1983 TR-V-05-07web_TN-V5-7 (261.95 Kb)
Modifying Small Crawler Tractors for Thinning01/01/1984 TR-V-06-01web_TN-V6-1 (730.47 Kb)
How to Reduce Felling Related Butt Damage01/01/1984 TR-V-06-06web_TN-V6-6 (822.41 Kb)