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Biosecurity Agenda for TC Mtg Q2 2015021205/02/201500
Biosecurity Agenda for TC Mtg Q2_18 Feb 201612/02/2016BIOQ2-01
Biosecurity Risk to New Zealand Forestry09/12/2020SP-001SD-001 Biosecurity Risk to New Zealand Forestry (3.00 Mb)
Boman Mark 3-H Skycar: A Case Study01/01/1998 TN-44web_TN-44 (363.39 Kb)
Bonding of E. bosistoana and E. quadrangulata veneer17/11/2019SWP-T091SWP-T091 (1.29 Mb)
Bonding of Eucalyptus fastigata veneer02/11/2020SWP-T103SWP-T103 (1.05 Mb)
Boron deficiency and boron fertiliser use in New Zealand pine plantations- A historical view29/08/1987SM006SMC_006 (669.33 Kb)
Boron does not Reduce Malformation in Two High Country Douglas-fir Stands01/02/2011RSPTN-014RSPTN-014 (620.70 Kb)
Boron levels in Auckland and North Auckland forests29/08/1990SM049SMC_049 (164.23 Kb)
Boron penetration and durability of laminated E. fastigata framing timber18/04/2019SWP-WP102
Boron review_Davis_revision11/12/20142
Bracke B290 Spot Scarifier Mounder01/01/1995TN-17web_TN-17 (353.45 Kb)
Branch diameter growth in compartment 905 (Kaingaroa) and Taringatura (Southland)01/01/1999SGM072SGM072 (1.87 Mb)
Branch diameter growth in Radiata Pine in Expt RO 69601/01/1996SGM051SGM051 (1.78 Mb)
Branch dynamics in Radiata Pine: Literature review01/01/1992SGM028SGM028 (1.61 Mb)
Branch functions with TreeBLOSSIM version 301/01/2005SGM125SGM125 (1.45 Mb)
Branch response to thinning in Expt CY 597- Results from using PhotoMARVL01/01/2001SGM104SGM104 (1.63 Mb)
Branching characteristics and wood property variation: GF14 seedlot 1987 genetic gain trial NN530/2, Golden Downs01/01/2007SGM146SGM146 (5.19 Mb)
Branching characteristics of Radiata Pine in Expt RO 90501/01/1996 SGM052SGM052 (1.31 Mb)
Branching characteristics of Radiata Pine in Southland as measured by TreeD11/12/2006SGM137SGM137 (497.78 Kb)
Branching characteristics of Radiata Pine: Number and position of branch clusters within annual shoots01/01/1998SGM066SGM066 (2.73 Mb)
Breakage in Manually-Felled Clearfell Radiata Pine01/01/1997PR63PR 63 (3.35 Mb)
Breeding Orchard Inventory and Establishment Plan for Initial Crossing and Development of Cypress Hybrid Cuttings07/11/2013DS065DS065 (1.36 Mb)
Breeding Plan for the Development of Douglas-fir01/07/2016SWP-T003SWP-T003 (462.70 Kb)
Breeding population maintenance22/09/2017SWP-FN036
Breeding population maintenance28/06/2018SWP-FN057
Breeding population maintenance – 2018/19.19/06/2019SWP-FN083
Breeding population maintenance – 2019/20.23/06/2020SWP-FN102
Briefing document on myrtle rust, a member of the guava rust complex and risk to New Zealand14/05/20100101 (949.00 Kb)
Britain and France DF forestry study tour 199701/06/1998DF025DF025 (2.71 Mb)
Bud and foliage characteristics of cuttings from 1 to 5 year old trees01/10/1988SMC005SMC005 (1.66 Mb)
Bunching Stems in Steep Slopes for Efficient Yarder Extraction01/05/201100Feller Buncher (681.75 Kb)
Bunching to Increase Skidder Productivity01/01/1981 TR-V-03-01web_TN-V3-1 (751.40 Kb)
Bushfire CRC CEO Newsletter – April 200601/04/20060303. Bushfire CRC CEO 2006 (16.07 Kb)
Bushfire CRC Newsletter 28 April 200601/04/20060202. Bushfire CRC April 2006 (27.19 Kb)
Bushfire CRC Newsletters Index01/07/200600Bushfire CRC Newsletters (155.63 Kb)
Bushfire CRC Research Meeting – 200501/07/20050101. Bushfire CRC 2005 (133.67 Kb)
Bushfire CRC Update – 5 July 200601/07/20060404. Bushfire CRC July 2006 (164.80 Kb)
Business Management for Logging ( 2nd Addition 2009)01/11/200902Business Management for Logging (2.00 Mb)
Butt Damage and Machine Productivity with Various Degrees of Multiple-tree Felling: A Case Study12/10/2012AD-05AD-05 (228.20 Kb)
C lustitanica Productivity Map31/07/201305C lusitanica Productivity Mapl (2.17 Mb)
C.lusitanica 2006 Progeny Trial Assessment and Selection10/12/2011DS044DS044 (791.22 Kb)
Cable Extraction of Pulp: Effect of Minimum Extracted Piece Size on Productivity01/01/1998V-23-14web_REP-V23-14-1998 (812.99 Kb)
Cable Harvesting Windthrow01/01/1997V-22-11web_REP-V22-11-1997 (1.83 Mb)
Cable Logging Disturbance on an Unstable Slope01/01/1995V-20-12web_REP-V20-12-1995 (1.57 Mb)
Cable Logging Equipment Data01/01/1979V-04-03web_REP-V4-3-1979 (233.76 Kb)
Calibrating NIR spectroscopy for extractive content of E. bosistoana stem cores01/11/2016SWP-T017SWP-T017 (1.16 Mb)
Calibration of a Skyline Band Break01/01/1997V-22-21web_REP-V22-21-1997 (536.62 Kb)
Calibration of NIR for extractive content in E. globoidea heartwood20/06/2017SWP-WP028
Can Durability of NZ Grown Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) be Predicted by NIR?05/04/2013DS049DS049 (1.47 Mb)