UAV Applications for Commercial Forestry

2017 Forest Growers Conference
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Report Date:
October 18, 2017
Grant Pearse: Scion


As part of a project to understand the roles and cost-efficacy of using UAVs as opposed to other remote sensing technology, four potential applications of UAVs in forestry were assessed recently by Scion,

  1. Detecting wind damage
  2. Mapping cutover areas
  3. Assessing post-planting survival
  4. Assessing post-harvest waste

The project focussed on using accessible data and readily available tools where possible to make it as relevant as possible to the forest industry. The conclusion reached was that UAVs can undertake all these tasks well and be effective. They also have their own niche, complimenting rather than displacing other remote sensing methods.

Summary: Where do UAVs fit in forestry?


Presentation below:

30 UAV Applications for Commercial Forestry (592.99 Kb)