Forest Growers Conference 2021 Webinar

19th – 21st October 2021

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Following a year of COVID disruption, we are pleased to be able to invite you to the 2021 Forest Growers Conference to be held via webinar.

Day 1 of the conference has an emphasis on new tools and automated systems for improved productivity.

Day 2 will explore the challenges of climate change and disease control, while also looking at the potential of alternative species, as well as technologies to enhance tree performance.

Day 3 explores opportunities for forestry outside of traditional wood processing.

Holding a webinar will encourage as many people as possible to join in on the presentations with an interactive Q&A at the end of each session.

Learn about the research programmes being funded by the levy, the results to date and how you as a forest grower can use these results to:

  • Achieve better financial returns from new and existing forests
  • Improve the health and resilience of your forests to pests and diseases
  • Harness the potential of new technologies

Register to join the webinar and benefit from this significant investment in the future of the forest growing industry by the Forest Growers Levy Trust.

Webinar Registrations close:  Friday, 15th October 2021


DAY ONE:  Tuesday, 19th October 2021 

Session 1 & 2:  8:30am – 12:05pm

Session 3:        3:00pm – 4:30pm

DAY TWO:  Wednesday, 20th October 2021

Session 1 & 2:  8:40am – 12:05pm

DAY THREE:  Thursday, 21st October 2021

Session 1 & 2:  8:30am – 12:15pm

DAY ONE – Tuesday, 19th October 2021

Day 1 – Session 1

8:30am     Welcome and Introduction

Session Chair:  Phil Taylor, Port Blakely Limited (NZ)

8:35 am     Scion – Strategy

Julian Elder, Scion

Digital and Automated Forestry

8:55 am     Getting to the heart of wood quality: insights from new technologies

John Moore, Timberlands Limted

9:15 am     Propagating our future forests – an update on the 21st Century Tissue Culture Programme

Russell Burton, Forest Growers Research Limited

9:30 am     Integrating information for site specific Management

Graham West, NZ Farm Forestry Association

9:45 am     Panel Q & A

10:05am     Close Session 1

Day 1 – Session 2

Industrial Forestry and Wood Products

10:25 am     Introduction by Session Chair

Grant Dodson, City Forests Ltd

10:30 am     The Tree Root Microbiome Programme: A transformative platform for forestry

Steve A Wakelin, Scion

10:45 am     The Resilient Forests: A portfolio of impacts for raising forest sector productivity and reducing risk

Simeon Smail, Scion

11:00 am     Biuret: From concept to product development

Sheree Balvert, Ballance-Agri Nutrients

11:15 am     Epidemiology and control of red needle cast

Stu Fraser, Scion

11:30 am     Update of Trichoderma in NZ Forestry Project

Helen Whelan, Lincoln University

11:45 am     Panel Q & A

12:05 pm     Close                                                  REGISTRATION:  Session 1 & 2 – Day 1

Day 1 – Session 3

Digital and Automated Forestry

3:00 pm     Introduction Session Chair

Kerry Ellem, Hancock Forest Management (NZ) Ltd

3:05 pm     Scaling up – wilding conifer detection at a mega-landscape level

Thomas Paul, Scion

3:20 pm     Automated yarder and grapple

Keith Raymond, Forest Growers Research Ltd

3:35 pm     Winch-assisted harvesting

Keith Raymond, Forest Growers Research Ltd

3:50pm      New value chains through automation

Karen Bayne, Scion

4:05 pm     Panel Q & A

4:30 pm     Close                                                    REGISTRATION:  Session 3 – Day 1


DAY TWO – Wednesday, 20th October 2021

Day 2 – Session 1

8:40 am     Welcome and Introduction by Session Chair

Bart Challis, Forest Growers Research Limited

8:45 am     Te Uru Rākau – New Zealand Forest Service – Strategy

Jason Wilson – Te Uru Rākau – New Zealand Forest Service

Climate Change

9:00 am    Risk perception and climate change adaptation

Grace Villamor, Scion

9:15 am    Towards autonomous inventory: Collection and analysis of Hovermap data for single tree phenotyping

Robin Hartley, Scion

9:30 am    Climate Change – tangible impacts on forest management

Ian Hinton: Timberlands Ltd

9:45am     Panel Q & A

10:05am     Close Session 1

Day 2 – Session 2

Trees for High Value Products

10:25am     Introduction by Session Chair

                        Marco Lausberg, Forest Growers Research Ltd

10:30 am    SWP: Regional Strategies for specialty Wood species

Paul Millen, Marlborough Research Centre

10:45 am    SWP: Pests and diseases in specialty wood species

Toni Withers, Scion

11:00 am    SWP: Douglas-fir Cross Laminated Timber – ready to go

Minghao Li, University of Canterbury

11:15 am    Future Investment in Contingency & Alternative Species by FGLT

Bart Challis, Forest Growers Research Ltd

11:30 am    Tōtara Industry Pilot Initiative

Ramona Radford, Scion

11:45 am     Panel Q & A

12:05 pm        Close                                                REGISTRATION:  Session 1 & 2 – Day 2

DAY THREE – Thursday, 21st October 2021

Day 3 – Session 1

8:30 am     Welcome and Introduction by Session Chair

Brent Guild, One Forty One

Industrial Forestry and Wood Products

8:35 am    Accelerating forest planting stock production and improving their establishment – preliminary trials at Scion

Craig Ford, Scion

8:50 am    An update on Genetic Gain

Alec Foster, Radiata Pine Breeding Company

9:05 am    Editing genes for forest productivity, resilience and sustainability

Glenn Thorlby, Scion

9:20 am    Contribution of long-term trials to the positive outlook for industrial use of forests

Loretta Garrett, Scion

9:35 am     Panel  Q & A

10:00am     Break – Session 1 Closed

Day 3 – Session 2

Trees for BioProducts

10:20 am     Welcome and Introduction by Session Chair

Phil de la Mare, Ernslaw One Ltd

10:25 am    The growing demand for Bioenergy

Paul Bennett, Scion

10:45 am    Rethinking Biorefineries for New Zealand: Anything made from fossil fuel today can be made from a tree tomorrow

Stefan Hill, Scion

11:05 am    Sustainable wood for sustainable buildings

Andrea Stocchero, Scion

11:25 am    BioProducts for a sustainable future

Kate Parker, Scion

11:45 am    Panel Q & A

12:05 pm    Conclusion and Wrap-up

12:15 pm     Close                                                 REGISTRATION:  Session 1 & 2 – Day 3