Multi-Species Carbon Calculator

Developed by Mark Kimberley and Mike Watt

This calculator predicts growth metrics for even-aged, single-species, forest plantations for radiata pine and many of the alternative exotic tree species grown in New Zealand. The growth metrics predicted include tree height, basal area, stem volume, timber yield, and sequestered carbon. The growth models underpinning the calculator were developed using extensive growth data from permanent sample plots (PSP’s) distributed across New Zealand. The effect of site is incorporated into the predictions using height and volume productivity indices – these values can be sourced from pre-defined local or regional values or through plot data. Once these productivity indices are set, the impacts of rotation length and different silviculture on timber yield, carbon and log grade out-turn can be explored.

Multi-species Carbon Calculator help file_21 January 2024Note : You will need to download the calculator to your Download folder. Then shift from this folder to your working folder before opening. Then right click ‘Properties’ and make sure the bottom right hand tick box labelled ‘Unblock’ is ticked and then select ‘OK’. After opening you will need to accept it as a trusted document.



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