2020 Forest Growers Conference

Full videos of each session

Tuesday, 13th October 2020 – Session 1   (1:35:20 minutes)

Tuesday, 13th October 2020 – Session 2  (1:46:39 minutes)

Tuesday, 13th October 2020 – Session 3  (1:25:45 minutes)

Wednesday, 14th October 2020 – Session 1  (1:26:37 minutes)

Wednesday, 14th October 2020 – Session 2 (1:33:13 minutes)

Wednesday, 15th October 2020 – Session 3 (repeat of Tuesday)

Thursday, 16th October 2020 – Session 1  (1:39:13 minutes)

Thursday, 16th October 2020 – Session 2  (1:58:21 minutes)


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Tuesday, 13th October 2020

Video 01:   Introduction

Session 1:

Video 02:   New Product Opportunities to Add Value:  Session Chair: Sean McBride

Video 03:   Overview: Options for Higher Value Wood Products: Florian Graichen, Scion

Video 04:   Adding Value to Bark – Biorefinery Developments:  Warren Grigsby, Scion

New products from specialty species

Video 05:   Thermal modification of Douglas-fire and cypress:  Rosie Sargent, Scion

Video 06:   Peeling of Eucalyptus fastigata for Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL):  Rosie Sargent, Scion

Video 07:   Peeling of durable Eucalypts for Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL): Clemens Altaner, University of Canterbury

Video 08:   Cypress sawn products from young stands:  Rosie Sargent, Scion

Video 09:   Douglas-fir Cross Laminated Timber (CLT):  Minghao Li, University of Canterbury

Session 2:

Video 10:    Improving Supply Chain Efficiency, Safety and Sustainability:  Session Chair:Chris Barnes, Hancock Forest Management

Video 11:    In-Forest Debarking Project: Glen Murphy, GE Murphy Consultant

Video 12:    Automated hauler development: Keith Raymond, Forest Growers Research

Video 13:    Log tracking to improve supply chain efficiency: Glen Murphy, GE Murphy Consultant

Video 14:    Supply chain logistics analysis :  Melissa Welsh, Scion

Reducing Environmental Impact of Operations

Video 15:     Helicopter Slash Grapple Presentation and Video – Keith Raymond, Forest Growers Research

Video 16:     Fixed felling head to reduce breakage: Rob Prebble, Rob Prebble Consulting Ltd

Video 17:     Log fumigation – status and options, Don Hammond, STIMBR

Wednesday, 14th October 2020

Session 1

Video 18:    Ability to Respond to Future Challenges (introduction) – Session Chair:  Ian Hinton, Timberlands Ltd

Video 19:    Health and Vitality of Our Forests: Paul Adams, Rayonier| Matariki Forests

Video 20:    Protecting From Fire – controlled burns, fire and smoke prediction models, new sensor technology: Grant Pearce, Scion

Video 21:    Protecting plantation forests from pests, Rebecca McDougal, Scion

Video 22:    Pest and Disease Threats to Durable Eucalypts, Steve Pawson, University of Canterbury

Video 23:    Short Term Pikoura of Protection Research Programme – Camera Traps, Volatile Organic Compounds to detect pathogens, Insect cyborgs and more: Jessica Kerr, Scion

Video 24:    Emerging remote sensing technologies – hyperspectral for disease and nutrient: Mike Watt, Scion

Video 25:    High Throughput /Low Cost Soil and Foliage Analysis: Loretta Garrett, Scion

Session 2

Video 26:    Enhancing Productivity and Wood Quality:  John Moore, Timberlands Limited

Video 27:    Contribution of Trichodermas to improving growth:  Helen Whelan, Lincoln University

Video 28:    New accelerator and mid-rotation trials – results to date:  Simeon Smaill, Scion

Video 29:    Puruki Catchment Synthesis – multiple rotations productivity, wood quality/genetics/water: Loretta Garrett, Scion

Video 30:    Nitrogen Response Predictions and Nutrient Balance Model (NuBalM) Update: Loretta Garrett, Scion

Video 31:    Forest Flows Programme:  John Lee, Scion

Video 32:    Role of the Tree Microbiome: Steve A Wakelin, Scion

Thursday, 15th October 2020

Session 1

Video 33:    New and Future Directions : Session Chair – Peter Oliver, City Forests Ltd

Video 34:    Micronutrients and relationship to growth and quality: Graham Coker, Scion

Video 35:    Nursery Automation and Phenotyping: Grant Pearse, Scion

Video 36:    Development in forest phenotyping: Dave Pont, Scion

Video 37:    Next generation growth and yield simulators incorporating spatial and distant dependent individual tree growth models: Yue Lin, Scion

Video 38:    Site Species Matching Models:  Justin Morgenroth, University of Canterbury

Video 39:    Managing Risk and Uncertainty – portfolio analysis, case studies: Thales West, Scion

Session 2

Overview of Genetic Improvement Technologies

Video 40:    Breeding and Biotechnology – Session Chair:  Shaf van Ballekom, Proseed

Video 41:    Radiata Pine Breeding Strategy including Radiata Hybrids:  Paul Watson, Radiata Pine Breeding Company

Video 42:    Genomic prediction and its applications in tree breeding, conservation, and climate change mitigation: Gancho Slavov, Scion

Video 43:    Deployment of advanced genetics – Tissue Culture Programme: Jana Krajnakova, Scion & Russell Burton, Forest Growers Research

Video 44:    Breeding to Improve Heartwood in dryland Eucalypts:  Clemens Altaner, University of Canterbury

Video 45:    Opportunities with new technologies – sterility in Douglas-fir, Radiata Pine: Glenn Thorlby, Scion

Video 46:    Status of Breeding in Specialty Species: Toby Stovold, Scion

Video 47:    What is happening with Redwoods: Simon Rapley, New Zealand Redwood Company

Session 3: afternoon on Tuesday, 13th October 2020 and Wednesday, 14th October 2020

Video 50:    Online Tools and Other Species Updates:  John Schrider

Video 51:    WATs Demo   (Woodlot Analysis Tool):  Glen Murphy, GE Murphy Consultant

Video 52:    Forecaster Calculator Demo:  Melissa Evans, Scion

Other Species Updates

Video 53:    Cypress:  Toby Stovold, Scion

Video 54:    Durable Eucalypts: Paul Millen, Vineyard Timbers Ltd

Video 55:    Non Durable Eucalypts:  Toby Stovold, Scion

Video 56:    Redwoods:  Simon Rapley, The NZ Redwood Company

Video 57:    Poplars:  Ian McIvor, Plant and Food


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