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Criteron 400 Survey Laser for Surveying Forestry Roads01/01/1996 TN-21web_TN-21 (822.64 Kb)
The Accident Report Scheme: What happens to the Data and Why01/01/1996V-21-32web_REP-V21-32-1996 (1.08 Mb)
An Ergonomic Comparison of Manual and Chainsaw Ladder Pruning01/01/1996V-21-31web_REP-V21-31-1996 (1.10 Mb)
Impacts of Windthrow Salvage on Faller and Break Out Safety in Cable Logging Operations01/01/1996V-21-30web_REP-V21-30-1996 (1.83 Mb)
Learning Curves of Mechanised Harvester and Forwarder Operations01/01/1996V-21-29web_REP-V21-29-1996 (1012.36 Kb)
Turnover, Accidents and Training- A Southland Case Study01/01/1996V-21-28web_REP-V21-28-1996 (896.22 Kb)
Injury Prevention Warm Up Routines for Forest Workers01/01/1996V-21-27web_REP-V21-27-1996 (685.04 Kb)
Increased Safety and Performance Through “Smart Food”01/01/1996V-21-26web_REP-V21-26-1996 (873.56 Kb)
Chip Seal Trials for off Highway Forestry Roads01/01/1996V-21-25web_REP-V21-25-1996 (1.49 Mb)
Demographic Composition of the Management Staff of Smaller New Zealand Forest Companies01/01/1996V-21-24web_REP-V21-24-1996 (1.26 Mb)
Techniques for Reducing Injuries in Machine Operators01/01/1996V-21-23web_REP-V21-23-1996 (1.06 Mb)
Two-Stage Logging to Improve Logging Performance01/01/1996V-21-22web_REP-V21-22-1996 (1.14 Mb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 199501/01/1996V-21-21web_REP-V21-21-1996 (1.05 Mb)
Identifying Erosion Risk in Deep Hill Country01/01/1996V-21-20web_REP-V21-20-1996 (1.06 Mb)
Excavator Bunching in Clearfell for Skidder Extraction01/01/1996V-21-19web_REP-V21-19-1996 (1.01 Mb)
Fatigue Levels in Motor-Manual Tree Felling and Delimbering Operations01/01/1996V-21-18web_REP-V21-18-1996 (1.19 Mb)
Measuring the Impact of Harvesting on Waterways01/01/1996V-21-17web_REP-V21-17-1996 (899.66 Kb)
Skyline Logging to Minimise Impacts on Native Vegetation01/01/1996V-21-16web_REP-V21-16-1996 (846.35 Kb)
Effect of Outdoor Weathering on the Life of Forestry Safety Helmets01/01/1996V-21-15web_REP-V21-15-1996 (1023.95 Kb)
Physical Workload of Planting01/01/1996V-21-14web_REP-V21-14-1996 (1.04 Mb)
Log Truck Driver Injuries and Near Miss Accidents- 1993 and 199401/01/1996V-21-13web_REP-V21-13-1996 (887.49 Kb)
Log Truck Dispatching in the Auckland Region01/01/1996V-21-12web_REP-V21-12-1996 (1.53 Mb)
Two Cable Haulers in Series01/01/1996V-21-11web_REP-V21-11-1996 (727.04 Kb)
Road Design Using Geocomp, SDR Map, Roading and Lumberjack01/01/1996V-21-10web_REP-V21-10-1996 (1.40 Mb)
End-Hauling for Forest Road Construction01/01/1996V-21-09web_REP-V21-9-1996 (1.38 Mb)
Minimising Sapstain in Hauler Operations01/01/1996V-21-08web_REP-V21-8-1996 (755.47 Kb)
Hauler Tower Collapses01/01/1996V-21-07web_REP-V21-7-1996 (1.04 Mb)
Potential Causes of Tower Collapses01/01/1996V-21-06web_REP-V21-6-1996 (744.34 Kb)
The Scrub Muncher- A Disc Slash Breaker for Site Preparation01/01/1996V-21-05web_REP-V21-5-1996 (1.11 Mb)
The Effective Life of Chainsaw Chaps01/01/1996V-21-04web_REP-V21-4-1996 (846.19 Kb)
Reducing the Impacts of Fatigue on Forest Workers01/01/1996V-21-03web_REP-V21-3-1996 (1.15 Mb)
Extraction with Long Reach Standing Skylines01/01/1996V-21-02web_REP-V21-2-1996 (1.25 Mb)
Logging and the Near Shore Marine Environment at Onepu Bay, Marlborough Sounds01/01/1996V-21-01web_REP-V21-1-1996 (1.52 Mb)
Politician’s Opinions about the New Zealand Forest Industry 199601/01/1996PR61PR 61 (3.27 Mb)
Cutover Waste Assessment – A Comparison of Sampling Techniques and Intensities01/01/1996PR60PR 60 (1.78 Mb)
A Slip Erosion Risk Model of Two Coastal Hill Country Catchments01/01/1996PR59PR 59 (1.25 Mb)
“Breast height basic density of physiologically-aged cuttings vs. seedlings, grown on a fertile farm site”11/05/1996PM031REP31 (583.55 Kb)
Review of tree root studies11/05/1996PM030REP30 (1.38 Mb)
DF breeding at Cowichan Lake Research Station, Vancouver Island, British Colombia01/07/1996DF019DF019 (403.07 Kb)
Tree and Site Responses to Mechancial Site Preparatons – An annotated Bibliography.29/08/1996SM80SM080 (7.30 Mb)
An investigation into the effects of phosphate deficiency on wood density in Radiata Pine29/08/1996SM107SMC_107 (1.18 Mb)
“The effect of magnesium and boron fertilisers on foliar nutrient chemistry five and half years after application to a 1 year old P. radiata stand, Tauhara Forest (1302)”29/08/1996SM084SMC_084 (3.03 Mb)
Development of soil tests for predicting foliar Mg and B concentrations in P. radiata29/08/1996SM083SMC_083 (3.76 Mb)
“Key points from technical sessions of the NZ Forest Site Management Cooperative, held at NZFRI on 10 June 1996”29/08/1996SM082SMC_082 (5.35 Mb)
Mechanical site preparation survey29/08/1996SM079SMC_079 (2.73 Mb)
The effect of rate and timing of potassium fertiliser on the growth and nutrition of young Radiata Pine in Northland: Results after six years29/08/1996 SM078SMC_078 (3.90 Mb)
“The effect of fertilising, weed control and silviculture on the growth of Radiata Pine at Hiunua Forest”29/08/1996SM077SMC_077 (2.97 Mb)
The effect of boron fertilisers and weed control on the boron nutrition of young Radiata Pine: Results after six years29/08/1996SM076SMC_076 (1.98 Mb)
Two rural/urban Interface fires in the Wellington suburb of Karori: assessment of associated burning conditions and fire control strategies (Case study, fire behaviour, fire suppression)01/10/1996Fogartyfogarty (4.65 Mb)
Target timber products from fertile farm sites: A case study using the target tree system11/11/1996PM056REP56 (1.09 Mb)