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Loadrite Load Weighing System01/01/1982V-07-02web_REP-V7-2-1982 (770.47 Kb)
Directional Felling Second Crop P. Radiata on Steep Country01/01/1982V-07-01web_REP-V7-1-1982 (1.63 Mb)
Small Winches for Agricultural Tractors01/01/1982V-06-08web_REP-V6-8-1981 (697.55 Kb)
Fitting an Igland Winch to a Clark Skidder01/01/1982 TR-V-04-03web_TN-V4-3 (710.62 Kb)
Lotus Series II Hauler Trial Report03/01/1982PR20PR 20 (3.25 Mb)
Report on Study Tours to North America and Europe 1981-8203/01/1982PR19PR 19 (5.59 Mb)
David Henry Scholarship Report – Study Tour to Scandinavia and Britain 198203/01/1982PR18PR 18 (5.10 Mb)
Helicopter Logging Review03/01/1982PR17PR 17 (4.48 Mb)
Fuel moisture changes under radiata pine (fuel moisture)01/10/1982Woodmanwoodman1982 (779.97 Kb)
The Bright Plantation Fire November 1982 (Case study, fire behaviour)01/01/1983Watsonwatson1983 (1.28 Mb)
Otways Fire No. 22 1982/83 : A case study of plantation protection (Case study, fire management, fire suppression)01/01/1983Billingbilling5 (734.95 Kb)
Otways Fire No. 22 1982/83 : Aspects of fire behaviour (Case study, fire behaviour)01/01/1983Billingbilling6 (734.40 Kb)
Organised Felling for Thinning Radiata01/01/1983V-08-12web_REP-V8-12-1983 (931.05 Kb)
Lira Test Tri-Raker Anti-Kickback Chain01/01/1983V-08-11web_REP-V8-11-1983 (836.35 Kb)
Mechanised Delimbering in Australia01/01/1983V-08-10web_REP-V8-10-1983 (897.69 Kb)
Colco- A Computer Program for Logging Costs01/01/1983V-08-09web_REP-V8-9-1983 (718.22 Kb)
The Bell Logger: An Update01/01/1983 V-08-08web_REP-V8-8-1983 (740.82 Kb)
Chainsaw Chain Testing01/01/1983 V-08-07web_REP-V8-7-1983 (669.75 Kb)
Skidding Tracks for Steep Terrain01/01/1983 V-08-06web_REP-V8-6-1983 (681.07 Kb)
Survey of Felling Techniques01/01/1983 V-08-05web_REP-V8-5-1983 (596.12 Kb)
Guidelines for Windthrow Salvage01/01/1983 V-08-04web_REP-V8-4-1983 (853.40 Kb)
Self-Loading Truck Study01/01/1983 V-08-03web_REP-V8-3-1983 (823.12 Kb)
Dyform Wire Rope Trials01/01/1983V-08-02web_REP-V8-2-1983 (588.30 Kb)
Forwarders in Smallwood?01/01/1983V-08-01web_REP-V8-1-1983 (746.02 Kb)
Mechanical Tree Selection in Thinning01/01/1983 TR-V-05-07web_TN-V5-7 (261.95 Kb)
The Development of Commercial CNG Diesel Dual Fuel Systems01/01/1983TR-V-05-06web_TN-V5-6 (293.60 Kb)
Log Processor and Stacker01/01/1983TR-V-05-05web_TN-V5-5 (752.62 Kb)
“Oregon State University Forest Engineering “” Short Course”””01/01/1983 TR-V-05-04web_TN-V5-4 (538.83 Kb)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Winches01/01/1983 TR-V-05-03web_TN-V5-3 (684.19 Kb)
Spyder Steep-Slope Feller-Buncher01/01/1983TR-V-05-02web_TN-V5-2 (861.01 Kb)
Smallwood Harvesting – Notes on an European Study Tour 198203/01/1983PR21PR 21 (4.79 Mb)
Some aspects of the behaviour of the Caroline fire of February 1979 (Case study, fire behaviour)01/07/1983Billingbilling4 (2.65 Mb)
Grimwade pine plantation fire (Kirup 19) (Case study, fire behaviour)01/01/1984Fire Protection Branchficfire (1.13 Mb)
Mechanised Delimbering- Can it Cut Costs?01/01/1984V-09-09web_REP-V9-9-1984 (265.89 Kb)
The Igland Hauler01/01/1984 V-09-08web_REP-V9-8-1984 (274.11 Kb)
Mechanised Processing in Conjunction with a Cable Hauler01/01/1984V-09-07web_REP-V9-7-1984 (753.97 Kb)
PFV Wire Rope Trials01/01/1984V-09-06web_REP-V9-6-1984 (726.46 Kb)
Smallwood Handling with the Bell Logger01/01/1984V-09-05web_REP-V9-5-1984 (2.53 Mb)
A Portable Winch for Pulling Skidder Winch Rope Uphill01/01/1984 V-09-04web_REP-V9-5-1984 (2.53 Mb)
Pre-Bunching in Thinnings01/01/1984V-09-03web_REP-V9-3-1984 (825.31 Kb)
Secure Loads on Logging Trucks01/01/1984 V-09-02web_REP-V9-2-1984 (1.34 Mb)
FMC 220 Tracked Skidder01/01/1984 V-09-01web_REP-V9-1-1984 (816.23 Kb)
Finance for Contractors- A Bankers View01/01/1984TR-V-06-12web_TN-V6-12 (227.28 Kb)
Chainsaw Testing and Selection01/01/1984 TR-V-06-11web_TN-V6-11 (1.14 Mb)
Battery Culvert Crossings for Logging Roads01/01/1984 TR-V-06-10web_TN-V6-10 (617.24 Kb)
The Logger’s Back- A Physiotherapists Impression01/01/1984TR-V-06-09web_TN-V6-9 (746.53 Kb)
Life and Performance of Protective Helmets01/01/1984 TR-V-06-08web_TN-V6-8 (663.72 Kb)
The Compatibility of New Zealand Forest Soils01/01/1984 TR-V-06-07web_TN-V6-7 (955.89 Kb)
How to Reduce Felling Related Butt Damage01/01/1984 TR-V-06-06web_TN-V6-6 (822.41 Kb)
Washington 88 Skyline Hauler01/01/1984TR-V-06-05web_TN-V6-5 (750.19 Kb)