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The Compatibility of New Zealand Forest Soils01/01/1984 TR-V-06-07web_TN-V6-7 (955.89 Kb)
Life and Performance of Protective Helmets01/01/1984 TR-V-06-08web_TN-V6-8 (663.72 Kb)
Battery Culvert Crossings for Logging Roads01/01/1984 TR-V-06-10web_TN-V6-10 (617.24 Kb)
Chainsaw Testing and Selection01/01/1984 TR-V-06-11web_TN-V6-11 (1.14 Mb)
Semi-Mechanised Logging in Ponderosa Pine01/01/1985 TR-V-07-03web_TN-V7-3 (893.03 Kb)
Shovel Logging01/01/1986 TR-V-08-01web_TN-V8-1 (906.63 Kb)
The Hunt Hauler01/01/1986 TR-V-08-02web_TN-V8-2 (600.60 Kb)
Steep Grades for Temporary Roads01/01/1986 TR-V-08-04web_TN-V8-4 (766.96 Kb)
Better Log Making01/01/1986 TR-V-08-05web_TN-V8-5 (776.72 Kb)
Standards for Logging Roads01/01/1986 TR-V-08-07web_TN-V8-7 (1.61 Mb)
Multi-Stem Delimbing/ Debarking with a Double Chain Flail01/01/1986 TR-V-08-10web_TN-V8-10 (782.42 Kb)
The Weyerhaueuser Feller Director01/01/1986 TR-V-08-11web_TN-V8-11 (410.30 Kb)
Central Log Yards- An Option to Consider01/01/1987 TR-V-09-02web_TN-V9-2 (2.01 Mb)
A Playrole Program for Logging Contractors01/01/1987 TR-V-09-03web_TN-V9-3 (708.78 Kb)
Log Truck Performance on Curves and Favourable Grades01/01/1987 TR-V-09-05web_TN-V9-5 (937.86 Kb)
Improving Road Pavement- How will it Improve Truck Performance01/01/1987 TR-V-09-06web_TN-V9-6 (908.57 Kb)
A Procedure for Analysising Double Lane Versus Single Lane Roads01/01/1988 TR-V-10-02web_TN-V10-2 (295.12 Kb)
Log Processing on Steep Slopes US Pacific Northwest Practices01/01/1988 TR-V-10-05web_TN-V10-5 (1.25 Mb)
Record Keeping- A Contractors Perspective01/01/1988 TR-V-10-06web_TN-V10-6 (941.43 Kb)
Machine Financing Options01/01/1989 TR-V-11-01web_TN-V11-1 (1.87 Mb)
Chain Flail Processing: A New Look at an Old Idea01/01/1989 TR-V-11-02web_TN-V11-2 (1.51 Mb)
Progress with Tipping Plate Earth Anchors01/01/1989 TR-V-11-03web_TN-V11-3 (1.45 Mb)
Mechanised Delimbering at a Cable Landing01/01/1989 TR-V-11-04web_TN-V11-4 (2.19 Mb)
Noise and Hearing Loss in the Logging Industry01/01/1989 TR-V-11-05web_TN-V11-5 (952.70 Kb)
Emergency Alarm Systems for Fallers01/01/1990 TR-V-12-01web_TN-V12-1 (1.19 Mb)
“Clearfelling “”Young Crop”” Pinus Radiata Production Study Results”01/01/1990 TR-V-12-02web_TN-V12-2 (1.01 Mb)
Pulp Chip Quality From In-wood Chippers coupled with Chain Flail Delimbers- Debarkers: Does it Match Conventional Wood Yard Quality01/01/1991 TR-V-13-02web_TN-V13-2 (1.53 Mb)
Protection Logging Case Study 101/01/1976 V-01-01web_REP-V1-1-1976 (738.47 Kb)
Short-Pulp Extraction with a Smaller Hauler ( A Further Trial)01/01/1979 V-01-03web_REP-V1-3-1979 (1.78 Mb)
An Interfirm Comparison of Logging Firms01/01/1977 V-02-01web_REP-V2-1-1977 (229.02 Kb)
Log Transport Weighbridge Survey No. 101/01/1977 V-02-02web_REP-V2-2-1977 (280.74 Kb)
Protection Logging Case Study 301/01/1977 V-02-04web_REP-V2-4-1977 (433.74 Kb)
Reducing Delimbing Costs01/01/1978 V-03-03web_REP-V3-3-1978 (256.20 Kb)
Characteristics of New Zealand Log Trucking Industry01/01/1978 V-03-04web_REP-V3-4-1978 (220.79 Kb)
Loading for a Cable Logging Operation01/01/1978 V-03-05web_REP-V3-5-1978 (343.63 Kb)
Tree Weight Studies01/01/1978 V-03-06web_REP-V3-6-1978 (200.62 Kb)
Log Trucking StudiesLog Trucking Studies01/01/1978 V-03-07web_REP-V3-7-1978 (308.52 Kb)
Short Pulp Extraction with Timber Master Skyline01/01/1978 V-03-08web_REP-V3-8-1978 (582.30 Kb)
Industry Interfirm Comparisons01/01/1978 V-03-09web_REP-V3-9-1978 (522.51 Kb)
Running Skylines01/01/1978 V-03-10web_REP-V3-10-1978 (482.35 Kb)
Gravity Return Skylines01/01/1978 V-03-11web_REP-V3-11-1978 (645.40 Kb)
Gravity Extraction of Thinnings01/01/1978 V-03-12web_REP-V3-12-1978 (604.98 Kb)
Taxation: Non Taxable Costs for Contractors01/01/1979 V-04-01web_REP-V4-1-1979 (1.74 Mb)
Rubber Tyre Front End Loader Application01/01/1979 V-04-02web_REP-V4-2-1979 (909.59 Kb)
Intermediate Supports01/01/1979 V-04-04web_REP-V4-4-1979 (831.52 Kb)
The Logger and the Law01/01/1979 V-04-05web_REP-V4-5-1979 (904.58 Kb)
Axle Space and Road Wear01/01/1979 V-04-08web_REP-V4-8-1979 (774.42 Kb)
Strengthening Logging Roads01/01/1979 V-04-09web_REP-V4-9-1979 (793.81 Kb)
Reducing Log Truck Delays01/01/1979 V-04-11web_REP-V4-11-1979 (644.15 Kb)
Lotus Experimental Skyline Hauler01/01/1979 V-04-12web_REP-V4-12-1979 (838.89 Kb)