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An experimental test of a visual-based push-pull strategy for control of wood boring phytosanitary pests01/05/2008BB-0202 (1) (480.53 Kb)
An Extended Evaluation of the Computer Interface in the Waratah 234 Harvesting Machine01/01/2000PR92PR 92 (2.22 Mb)
An initial growth and yield model for Eucalyptus saligna SM in New Zealand08/04/2017ME016Manage Eucalypts Coop 16 (4.33 Mb)
An Interfirm Comparison of Logging Firms01/01/1977 V-02-01web_REP-V2-1-1977 (229.02 Kb)
An interim stand growth model for Radiata Pine grown on the central North Island pumice plateau01/01/1987SGM003SGM003 (2.25 Mb)
An International Project Investigating the Felling & Bunching of Small Trees on Easy Terrain03/01/1984PR22PR 22 (3.50 Mb)
An Introduction to Network Analysis01/01/1988V-13-18web_REP-V13-18-1988 (1.45 Mb)
An investigation into the effects of boron fertiliser on wood properties and clearwood defects in Radiata Pine11/05/2000PM069REP69 (2.90 Mb)
An investigation into the effects of phosphate deficiency on wood density in Radiata Pine29/08/1996SM107SMC_107 (1.18 Mb)
An Overview of Databases and Models used to Monitor and Report on Freshwater in New Zealand29/08/2013ES018ES018 (976.07 Kb)
Analysing Silvicultural Regimes using the 300 Index Growth Model in Forecaster03/09/2012R073R073 (1.18 Mb)
Analysis of 1993 E. globulus provenance trial08/04/2017EBC026Eucalypt Breed Coop 26_20080522192539 (2.17 Mb)
Analysis of branch data from final crop stocking trials11/05/2006PM096PMCoop_Report96 (308.96 Kb)
Analysis of Chainsaw Accidents to the Leg01/01/1986 V-11-07web_REP-V11-7-1986 (865.41 Kb)
Analysis of Douglas-fire Regime Trials10/06/2011DS043DS043 (1.30 Mb)
Analysis of eyrewell weed competition experiment at age seven29/08/2000SM110SMC_110 (1.06 Mb)
Analysis of Fatal Logging Accidents 1968-198701/01/1988V-13-20web_REP-V13-20-1988 (2.47 Mb)
Analysis of Growth and Wood Traits at Age 5.5 years from Eucalyptus nitens Progeny Teset at Fortification Road28/10/2013DS061DS061 (1.64 Mb)
Analysis of internal checking data from the Goudies and Matea pruning/ thinning/ fertiliser trials (RO 1083/1 and 2)11/05/2002PM081REP81 (966.09 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents 198701/01/1988V-13-04web_REP-V13-4-1988 (1.49 Mb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 198501/01/1986 V-11-06web_REP-V11-6-1986 (944.24 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 198601/01/1987V-12-04web_REP-V12-4-1987 (972.23 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 198801/01/1989V-14-06web_REP-V14-6-1989 (852.42 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 198901/01/1990V-15-05web_REP-V16-5-1991 (1.47 Mb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 199001/01/1991V-16-02web_REP-V16-2-1991 (832.94 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 199101/01/1992V-17-08web_REP-V17-8-1992 (727.40 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 199201/01/1993V-18-12web_REP-V18-12-1993 (739.24 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 199301/01/1994V-19-09web_REP-V19-9-1994 (837.54 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 199401/01/1995V-20-11web_REP-V20-11-1995 (1.05 Mb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 199501/01/1996V-21-21web_REP-V21-21-1996 (1.05 Mb)
Analysis of Lost Time Injuries 199601/01/1997V-22-19web_REP-V22-19-1997 (1.24 Mb)
Analysis of Lost Time Injuries 199814/01/1999V-24-14web_REP-V24-14-1999 (1.26 Mb)
Analysis of Lost Time Injuries- 199701/01/1998V-23-15web_REP-V23-15-1998 (1.58 Mb)
Analysis of mono-clonal blocks vs mixtures trial- Tarawera Forest11/05/2007PM106PMCoop_Report106 (172.15 Kb)
Analysis of the prescribed burning practice in the pine forest of north western Portugal (Prescribed burn)01/01/2004Fernandesfernandes_botelo_4 (240.01 Kb)
Analysis of the treated wood market for Agricultural and Horticultural uses in New Zealand12/11/2020SWP-T114SWP-T114 (2.97 Mb)
Analysis of tree growth of clones grown in pure blocks and mixtures11/06/2006PM100PMCoop_Report100 (195.94 Kb)
Analysis of wood density and spiral grain at seven contrasting sites11/11/2001PM079REP79 (2.88 Mb)
Annual assessment of durability trials – framing, decking and graveyard18/09/2019SWP-WP113
Annual assessment of durability trials – framing and graveyard02/11/2020SWP-WP145
Annual foliage results- remaining cooperative trials29/08/1987 SM018SMC_018 (1.58 Mb)
Appendices for report 7411/11/2000PM074_AppendixREP74-APPENDIX (2.51 Mb)
Application of a wood-properties-based, techno-economic model in assessing the effects of stand density and seedlot on stumpage value in two Pinus radiata silviculture-breeds trials.14/07/2019GCFF TN-025GCFF-TN025 (694.62 Kb)
Application of the diagnostic and recommendation integrated S Hong system (DRIS) to young plantation eucalypts in New Zealand – a preliminary evaluation based on provisional standards08/04/1991ME013Manage Eucalypts Coop 13 (10.66 Mb)
Application of the New Zealand Douglas fir silvicultural growth model (DF NAT) to data from the Pacific Northwest.01/09/2004DF041Coopreport41PNW (729.43 Kb)
Applications of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality10/08/2020HTN12-10HTN12-10 (840.35 Kb)
Applications of System Dynamics in Forestry Supply Chains: A NZ Case Study01/12/2009R042R042 (598.58 Kb)
Applying fire spread simulators in New Zealand and Australia – 2006 Results from an international seminar01/02/20061414 NZ_SimWshop-FuelsConf (1.02 Mb)
Applying Satellite Imagery for Forest Planning01/03/2011RTN-005RTN-005 (1.03 Mb)
Area based Phenotyping platform Prototype Workplan04/12/2016WP017