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Forest Health General Research Index27/08/201400General Research Index (151.85 Kb)
Incursion Response Research Index14/08/201400Incursion Response Research Index (205.22 Kb)
GCFF Agenda and Meeting Presentations Q2 2016-1703/01/201700
EP Endophytes Project Review Q4 201416/07/201400
Fire Research Publications18/02/201500Fire Research Publications (208.39 Kb)
Needle Cast Research Index23/08/201400Needle Cast Research Index (187.52 Kb)
2014_15 Needle Disease Work Plan22/10/201400
FOA GCFF Q3 Agenda TC Meetings 2016_04_1212/04/201600
Nectria Research Index23/08/201400Nectria Index (112.82 Kb)
Biosecurity Agenda for TC Mtg Q2 2015021205/02/201500
** ALL GCFF PAPERS excluding Presentations20/07/201600
Forestry Work in the Modern Age Business Case14/09/201800H039 Business Case (3.09 Mb)
*** Q4 Scion Combined Presentations for printing (saved as two to a page = 63 pages) RA documents below are individual presentations.20/07/201600
Minutes for TC Meeting 12th February 201520/04/201500
Q3 FB Agenda16/04/201500
GCFF Agenda – 26th July 201620/07/201600
GCFF Q1 TC Agenda28/09/201500
Reports Index Douglas fir Coop02/04/201700 Reports Index - Douglas Fir CoopDfirCoopReports0307 (48.27 Kb)
00 Report Index – Douglas fir Coop02/04/201700 Reports Index - Douglas Fir CoopDfirCoopReports0307 (48.27 Kb)
GCFF Q1 Minutes from Previous Meeting – 26 October03/01/201700a
GCFF Minutes from Q3 Meeting20/07/201601
Biosecurity Agenda for 30 Oct 201527/10/201501
Redwoods 400 Index South12/07/201301redwoods_400index_south (16.69 Mb)
Practical soil sampling in planted forests – soil bulk density23/05/201501soil_sampling_method-profile (264.56 Kb)
GCFF Q3 TST Review Meeting Agenda16/04/201501
Bushfire CRC Research Meeting – 200501/07/20050101. Bushfire CRC 2005 (133.67 Kb)
FOA Forest Biosecurity TST Minutes 180216 v116/04/201601
Redwoods Site Index NZTM12/07/201301redwoods_siteindex_NZTM (37.51 Mb)
Briefing document on myrtle rust, a member of the guava rust complex and risk to New Zealand14/05/20100101 (949.00 Kb)
FB Agenda 22nd June 201619/07/201601
FB Q1 – 5 November 2019 Meeting Papers30/10/201901
RA2.1a Tree Counting from Remote Sensed Imagery_D.Pont03/02/201501
Presentation HTHF15/02/201701HTHF TSC meeting Presentation (1.91 Mb)
GCFF Q3 TST Meeting Papers – 9 May 201702/05/201701
Cupressus 1931 Ex Scrub Plantation South NZTM12/04/201301cupressus_1931_ex-scrub-plantation_south_NZTM (32.28 Mb)
Agenda for Q1 14 October 2014 TC Meeting08/10/201401
Proceedings of the Swiss Needle Cast Workshop: What we know, what we can do18/05/20150101 Proceedings SNC (18.44 Mb)
2015 – 2016 ND Referred Papers10/08/201601ND Q4 2015-16 papers journals (234.10 Kb)
Technical Committee – Terms of Reference19/06/201401ToR for Technical Committee (117.86 Kb)
LIRO Costing Model01/08/2009012009 LIRO COSTING MODEL AUG 09 (462.00 Kb)
Cuprous oxide fungicide ineffective at reducing sapstain in windthrown trees01/06/20110101 (830.32 Kb)
TC Agenda Q4 201410/07/201401
Modelling the efficacy of different sampling strategies for estimating disease levels and detecting the spread of new pests01/03/20080101 (1.56 Mb)
Diversified Species Theme Update 0101/02/200901DSTU-001 (698.35 Kb)
TC Agenda Q4 201415/07/201401
GCFF Q2 Report Update01/01/201701
Fire Danger Climatology Analyses and Tools01/05/20030101 FireDangerClim (2.41 Mb)
A Review of Resin Features in Radiata Pine16/02/201101A Review of Resin Feastures in Radiata Pine (1.81 Mb)
300 Index Model in Forecaster and Spreadsheet Implementation13/02/201301300_Index_Model_in_Forecaster_and_Spreadsheet_Implementation (191.19 Kb)
Cupressus Site Index 1999 Scrub Plantation04/07/201301cupressus_site-index_1999ex-scrub-plantation_colour-ramp (6.88 Mb)