FGR Conference 2018

Forest Growers Conference and Field Trip 2018

Day 1:  Tuesday, 16th October 2018

  • Conference
  • Dinner and Science Awards

Day 2:  Wednesday, 17th October 2018

  • Conference

Day 3:  Thursday, 18th October 2018

  • Field Trip

Where:    Trinity Wharf Tauranga, 51 Dive Crescent, Tauranga 3110    

Room Reservations:     2018 Trinity Wharf Booking form for FGR Conference

We are now approaching the fifth anniversary of the Forest Growers Levy funded work programme. The programme aims to increase forest profitability, reduce risk and ensure the industry’s licence to operate is protected.

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The field trip will include a visit to Port of Tauranga to look at log export logistics technology, log fumigation and methyl bromide recapture technologies, along with a visit to an award winning farm forestry property near Tauranga.

Learn about the research programmes being funded by the levy, the results to date and how you as a forest grower can use these results to:

  • Achieve better financial returns from new and existing forests
  • Improve the health and resilience of your forests to pests and diseases
  • Maintain our industry ‘licence to operate’

Come along and benefit from this significant investment in the future of the forest growing industry by the Forest Growers Levy Trust.