Management of Eucalypts Coop Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
E. nitens nelder growth data summary and comparison with sample plot data08/04/2017ME010Manage Eucalypts Coop 10 (4.45 Mb)
A volume and taper equation for New Zealand grown E. nitens08/04/2017ME009Manage Eucalypts Coop 9 (2.34 Mb)
A volume and taper equation for New Zealand grown E. saligna08/04/2017ME008Manage Eucalypts Coop 8 (2.22 Mb)
Validation of the NZFP Forests E. regnans growth model08/04/2017ME007Manage Eucalypts Coop 7 (4.16 Mb)
Early results – thinning * fertiliser trial – E. regnans08/04/2017ME006Manage Eucalypts Coop 6 (4.31 Mb)
Height growth of E. saligna08/04/2017ME005Manage Eucalypts Coop 5 (2.33 Mb)
The NZFP Forests Ltd E. regnans growth model08/04/2017ME004Manage Eucalypt Coop 4 (4.83 Mb)
“Data from the E. regnans regimes trial, Murupara 1982-1986”08/04/2017ME002Manage Eucalypts Coop 2 (1.73 Mb)
Early results from the nelder spacing trials08/04/2017ME001Manage Eucalypts Coop 1 (1.42 Mb)
Euc Management of Euc Coop Reports Index08/04/2017Euc Management Coop Reports IndexEuc Management of Euc Coop Reports Index (17.78 Kb)
Volume equations for E. regnans in young plantations08/04/2017: ME003Manage Eucalypts Coop 3 (2.68 Mb)
Response to thinning and nitrogen fertiliser six years after treatment in young Eucalyptus regnans in Kaingaroa Forest08/04/2017 ME025Manage Eucalypts Coop 25 (3.12 Mb)
Eucalyptus regnans nelder growth from age 4 -15 years08/04/2017 ME018Manage Eucalypts Coop 18 (2.69 Mb)
“Eucalyptus regnans pruning trial interim report: Branch size, DOS and effect of pruning on growth”08/04/2017 ME032Manage Eucalypts Coop 32 (3.03 Mb)