Management of Eucalypts Coop Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
Nitens: A program to predict Eucalyptus nitens growth in New Zealand and Tasmania”08/04/2017ME030Manage Eucalypts Coop 30 (2.01 Mb)
Soil A horizon development beneath Eucalyptus regnans08/04/2017ME029Manage Eucalypts Coop 29 (5.85 Mb)
Site and climatic factors and their effect on the growth of Eucalyptus regnans08/04/2017ME028Manage Eucalypts Coop 28 (2.54 Mb)
Summary of research into establishment and early growth management of Eucalyptus nitens08/04/2017ME026Manage Eucalypts Coop 26 (3.91 Mb)
Response to thinning and nitrogen fertiliser six years after treatment in young Eucalyptus regnans in Kaingaroa Forest08/04/2017 ME025Manage Eucalypts Coop 25 (3.12 Mb)
Results of Eucalyptus regnans model validation08/04/2017ME022Manage Eucalypts Coop 22 (2.89 Mb)
The effect of site factors on the growth of Eucalyptus regnans in Kinleith Forest08/04/2017ME021Manage Eucalypt Coop 21 (7.40 Mb)
Using volume and taper equations developed at different breast heights08/04/2017ME020Manage Eucalypt Coop 20 (1.12 Mb)
Eucalyptus fastigata nelder growth from age 4 -15 years08/04/2017ME019Manage Eucalypts Coop 19 (2.57 Mb)
Eucalyptus regnans nelder growth from age 4 -15 years08/04/2017 ME018Manage Eucalypts Coop 18 (2.69 Mb)
The effect of site factors on the growth of Eucalyptus regnans in Kinleith Forest (Interim Report)08/04/2017ME017Manage Eucalypts Coop 17 (2.10 Mb)
An initial growth and yield model for Eucalyptus saligna SM in New Zealand08/04/2017ME016Manage Eucalypts Coop 16 (4.33 Mb)
Eucalyptus saligna nelder growth from age 2-9 years08/04/2017ME015Manage Eucalypts Coop 15 (3.51 Mb)
Application of the diagnostic and recommendation integrated S Hong system (DRIS) to young plantation eucalypts in New Zealand – a preliminary evaluation based on provisional standards08/04/1991ME013Manage Eucalypts Coop 13 (10.66 Mb)