Reports from 1987 to 2007

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Report Name Published Report Download
Tree and Site Responses to Mechancial Site Preparatons – An annotated Bibliography.29/08/1996SM80SM080 (7.30 Mb)
Development of a national height model for scotch broom- Preliminary results and recommendations for further research29/08/2007SM136SMC_136 (771.05 Kb)
“Trial FR345: Effect of compaction, site preparation and fertilisation on foliar nutrition and tree growth of Radiata Pine at age 8 years”29/08/2006SM132SMC_132 (240.03 Kb)
Radiata Pine growth response to weed control at Kaingaroa Forest- Results after eight years29/08/2005SM131SMC_131 (278.63 Kb)
The site preparation trial revival project: Soil physical properties and tree rooting patterns29/08/2004SM129SMC_129 (698.02 Kb)
Overview of the use of agri-chemicals and alternatives to control competing vegetation in forestry29/08/2003SM127SMC_127 (450.27 Kb)
“The effect of nitrogen, phosphorus and boron fertiliser in conjunction with weed control on the growth and nutrition of a pole stage stand of Radiata Pine from age 7 to 17 years in Mamaku Forest, central North Island”29/08/2002SM125SMC_125 (194.22 Kb)
The site preparation trial revival project: The long-term effects of cultivation on the growth of pines on various soils nationwide. Report number 2 (Technical report)29/08/2001SM124SMC_124 (552.49 Kb)
NZFRI trial AK345: Compaction and amelioration of tree growth and foliar nutrition at age 4 in an imperfectly-drained clay soil (technical report)29/08/2002SM121SMC_121 (182.45 Kb)
Installation report of NZFSMC boron trial FR358/2 Lake Taupo Forest (Technical Report)29/08/2001SM117SMC_117 (155.39 Kb)
The effect of boron fertilisers and weed control on the boron nutrition of young Radiata Pine29/08/2000SM113SMC_113 (4.40 Mb)
“Installation report for NZFSMC boron trial FR358/1 Balmoral Forest, North Canterbury. (Technical report)”29/08/2000SM111SMC_111 (612.72 Kb)
Analysis of eyrewell weed competition experiment at age seven29/08/2000SM110SMC_110 (1.06 Mb)
Radiata Pine growth response to weed control in Tokoiti Forest: Results after five years29/08/2000SM109SMC_109 (3.63 Mb)
An investigation into the effects of phosphate deficiency on wood density in Radiata Pine29/08/1996SM107SMC_107 (1.18 Mb)
Site preparation trial revival a status report29/08/1998SM099SMC_099 (892.53 Kb)
“Whole tree thinning trial series (AK1053/1, RO 2093 and WN379): Results to five years after treatment”29/08/1998SM098SMC_098 (2.86 Mb)
Defining the optimal area and duration of weed control at Tokoiti Forest- Results after three years29/08/1998SM096SMC_096 (1.98 Mb)
Forest oversowing and grazing trial series- Progress to June 199729/08/1997SM093SMC_093 (3.30 Mb)
Effects of N fixation by understorey on nitrogen availability after three years of interspecific competition (1303/29 95/96 Rpt 2)29/08/1997SM088SMC_088 (3.40 Mb)