Reports from 1987 to 2007

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Report Name Published Report Download
Rates of phosphate rock and the early growth of Radiata Pine29/08/1987SM020SMC_020 (542.40 Kb)
The use of phosphate rock in the establishment and early growth of Radiata Pine29/08/1987SM019SMC_019 (611.37 Kb)
Annual foliage results- remaining cooperative trials29/08/1987 SM018SMC_018 (1.58 Mb)
“Growth of Radiata Pine in a long term phosphorus trial. Site A at Riverhead Forest, Site B at Whangapoua Forest”29/08/1987 SM017SMC_017 (1.18 Mb)
Phosphorus uptake by Radiata Pine on soils of different phosphorus retention fertilised with superphosphate and A-grade rock29/08/1987 SM016SMC_016 (935.16 Kb)
Fertiliser prescriptions for forest plantations in the Auckland region29/08/1987 SM015SMC_015 (912.31 Kb)
The use of phosphate rock in trhe establishment of Radiata Pine – Reports from 7 trials.29/08/1987 SM014SMC_014 (3.47 Mb)
Proposals for new trials with boron and phosphorus29/08/1987 SM011SMC_011 (237.20 Kb)
Reports from members on current trials29/08/1987 SM010SMC_010 (269.46 Kb)
National forest fertilising cooperative schedule of trials. Budget and programmes September 1986 – September 1987 – September 198829/08/1987SM008SMC_008 (2.21 Mb)
Fertiliser use in 198629/08/1987 SM007SMC_007 (202.45 Kb)
Boron deficiency and boron fertiliser use in New Zealand pine plantations- A historical view29/08/1987SM006SMC_006 (669.33 Kb)
Current workplans used by the soils and site amendment research field29/08/1987SM004SMC_004 (1.29 Mb)
An evaluation of the accuracy of the Auckland Clays growth model with fertiliser effect29/08/1987SM003SMC_003 (1.09 Mb)
Results of a seedling trial Whakarewarewa Forest29/08/1987 SM002SMC_002 (1.14 Mb)
Key points from a technical session of the national fertilising cooperative on magnesium fertilising Radiata Pine held in Kaingaroa and Tauhara Forests29/08/1988 SM034SMC_034 (1.55 Mb)
Basal area and volume response of Pinus Radiata to applications of P fertiliser of varying solubility on sites displaying different degrees of P retention29/08/1988SM033SMC_033 (796.62 Kb)
Key pointes from a technical session on N fertilising Radiata Pine held in Tokorua29/08/1988SM032SMC_032 (3.10 Mb)
Whole tree thinning of Radiata Pine. Early effects on growth29/08/1988SM031SMC_031 (811.79 Kb)
How accurate is a foliage recommendation for B29/08/1988SM030SMC_030 (492.22 Kb)