DS Technical Notes

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Report Name Published Report Download
Review of Alternative High Country Species Planting Options11/02/2015DSTN-024DSTN-024 (3.72 Mb)
Assessment Results from the 2008 Cypress Hybrid Trial23/10/2013DSTN-031DSTN-031 (786.67 Kb)
Heartwood of Coast Redwood in NZ and Prediction of its Durability using Near-infrared Spectroscopy23/10/2013DSTN-030DSTN-030 (786.76 Kb)
Riparian Restoration, Pukahukiwi Kaokaoroa Trust23/10/2013DSTN-028DSTN-028 (871.42 Kb)
A New Web-based Calculator for E.fastigata23/10/2013DSTN-027DSTN-027 (574.22 Kb)
What can we learn from Douglas-fir in Europe?23/10/2013DSTN-026DSTN-026 (620.75 Kb)
Preliminary Trials of Rooting of Cuttings from Field-collected Coppice of Eucalyptus bosistoana and E. globoidea23/10/2013DSTN-019DSTN-019 (578.52 Kb)
DNA Fingerprinting of Eucalyptus nitens07/10/2013DSTN-016DSTN-016 (389.06 Kb)
Reducing Costs of Establishing Indigenous Forest12/11/2012DSTN-032DSTN-032 (1.61 Mb)
Variation of Density and Acoustic Velocity in Douglas-fir by Site09/11/2012DSTN-022DSTN-022 (569.50 Kb)
The Kauri (Agathis australis) Calculator05/11/2012DSTN-020DSTN-020 (973.70 Kb)
Indigenous Plantation Survey18/10/2012DSTN-029DSTN-029 (808.99 Kb)
Assessment of E fastigata Tree Height at Kaingaroa Cpt 33311/10/2012DSTN-035DSTN-035 (532.36 Kb)
Assessment of E. regnans Tree Height at Kaingaroa Cpt. 33311/09/2012DSTN-034DSTN-034 (646.57 Kb)
Comparison of Multi-objective Optimisation Techniques: Land Use Modelling19/07/2011DSTN-018DSTN-018 (579.08 Kb)
Density and Stiffness of USA-grown Douglas-fir19/03/2011DSTN-025DSTN-025 (1.58 Mb)
Durability Testing of Locally Grown Cypress Species19/03/2011DSTN-023DSTN-023 (713.85 Kb)
Improvements to the Douglas-fir Growth Model and Calculator01/09/2010DSTN-021DSTN-021 (743.26 Kb)
Tane’s Tree Trust 10th Anniversary Workshop04/06/2010DSTN-014DSTN-014 (193.67 Kb)
Discretised Growth Models for E fastigata01/06/2010DSTN-015DSTN-015 (193.03 Kb)