SWP – Technical Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
Growing Alternative Exotic Forest Species Booklet08/08/2023SWP-T174SWP-T174 MPI Specialty Species Booklet Online July23 (7.16 Mb)
SWP Programme – Final report08/08/2023SWP-T170SWP-T170 Final Report DIGITAL final (2.40 Mb)
Variation in adaptability and productivity between durable eucalypt species in different NZ environments08/08/2023SWP-T164SWP-T164 (1.39 Mb)
Developing fully compatible taper and volume equations for all stem components of E globoidea Blakely trees in NZ07/07/2023SWP-T134SWP-T134 (152.08 Kb)
The decay resistance of some wood species used as framing. Final report.07/07/2023SWP-T096SWP-T096 (1.16 Mb)
The condition of thermally modified cypress and Douglas L-joints after one year’s field exposure28/06/2023SWP-T173SWP-T173 TM Cypress L-joints updated (1.04 Mb)
The condition of thermally modified cypress and Douglas fir decking after one year’s field exposure28/06/2023SWP-T172SWP-T172 Thermally modified Cypress and D. fir decking report V2 (944.28 Kb)
The condition of thermally modified cypress and Douglas fir flat panels after one year’s field exposure28/06/2023SWP-T171SWP-T171 TM cypress and D.fir flat panels V2 (903.02 Kb)
Experimental Studies on Single and Coupled Douglas-fir CLT Shear Walls with High-Capacity Connections28/06/2023SWP-T169SWP-T169 Douglas-fir CLT May 2023 (4.43 Mb)
Genetic structure and diversity in the NZDFI Eucalyptus bosistoana and E. argophloia breeding populations28/06/2023SWP-T168SWP-T168 (979.86 Kb)
Decay rate of Cypress stakes after two year’s exposure at the Whakarewarewa test site28/06/2023SWP-T167SWP-T167 Cypress stakes _SWP_Technical_Report_2 years (625.76 Kb)
Fastigata Breeding Trials Report01/06/2023SWP-T163SWP-T163 (1.40 Mb)
Evaluation of genetic gain trials in Douglas-fir14/03/2023SWP-T162SWP-T162 (1.16 Mb)
Evaluation of Douglas-fir progeny test FR508/1 and FR508/214/03/2023SWP-T161SWP-T161 (1.28 Mb)
The decay resistance of alternative species in an accelerated framing test Assessment of decay after one year’s exposure14/03/2023SWP-T160SWP-T160 (2.18 Mb)
National forest owner survey and resource inventory of alternative species31/01/2023SWP-T159SWP-T159 (528.06 Kb)
Assessment of Eucalyptus globoidea heartwood at Avery31/01/2023SWP-T157SWP-T157 (919.78 Kb)
Assessment of NZDFI’s 2016 Eucalyptus quadrangulata breeding population at NZRC Paparoa31/01/2023SWP-T156SWP-T156 (345.79 Kb)
Machinability of 28-year-old Eucalyptus globoidea wood31/01/2023SWP-T155SWP-T155 (2.59 Mb)
Genetic variation in collapse and other wood properties of Eucalyptus quadrangulata at mid-rotation age29/11/2022SWP-T152SWP-T152 (1.05 Mb)