SWP – Technical Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
Heartwood in Eucalyptus bosistoana (2009 plantings)30/03/2019SWP-T072SWP-T072 (715.17 Kb)
Hybrid growth models for Eucalyptus globoidea and E. bosistoana26/02/2019SWP-T070SWP-T070 includes Thesis (4.22 Mb)
Extending durable eucalypt species research by establishing new demonstration trials in 201801/12/2018SWP-T069SWP-T069 (2.21 Mb)
Economic impact of eucalyptus tortoise beetle (Paropsis charybdis) in New Zealand14/11/2018SWP-T067SWP-T067 (754.33 Kb)
Optimising new PSP locations21/09/2018SWP-T065SWP-T065 with attachment (2.63 Mb)
Thermal Modification of Specialty Species: Results of Scion’s Core Funded Experiments17/08/2018SWP-T063SWP-T063 (924.38 Kb)
Supercritical CO2 dewatering of E. nitens. Results of Scion’s core funded experiments17/08/2018SWP-T062SWP-T062 (474.50 Kb)
Core funded aligned research on insects and fungi on species other than radiata 2017/201817/07/2018SWP-T061SWP-T061 (1.17 Mb)
LVL Stiffness Calculator User Guide20/06/2018SWP-T059SWP-T059 (2.91 Mb)
Douglas-fir breeding and genomics16/06/2018SWP-T058SWP-T058 (668.89 Kb)
SWP-T057 Pre application consultation has begun for a new potential biological control introduction to control Eucalyptus tortoise beetle, Paropsis charybdis27/06/2018SWP-T057SWP-T057 Pest and disease_G11 (477.70 Kb)
SWP-T056 Eucalyptus variegated beetle creates concern for eucalypt growers (published)27/06/2018SWP-T056SWP-T056 (1.50 Mb)
Improved Drying of Eucalyptus nitens: Screening standing trees and drying thin boards16/06/2018SWP-T055SWP-T055 (962.26 Kb)
Sapwood depth tool – proof of principle16/06/2018SWP-T054SWP-T054 (1.22 Mb)
Studies on Rolling Shear Strength properties of Douglas-fir CLT and Monotonic Behaviour of Dowelled Connections20/06/2018SWP-T053SWP-T053 (10.06 Mb)
Developing GC methods for analysing the foliar chemistry of durable eucalypts: a potential pest-tolerance screening tool16/06/2018SWP-T052SWP-T052 (1.59 Mb)
NZDFI Biosecurity Risk Management Plan16/06/2018SWP-T051SWP-T051 (1.88 Mb)
Genetic analysis of Eucalyptus fastigata progeny trials and implications to selection16/05/2018SWP-T050SWP-T050 (683.11 Kb)
Evaluation of the Ernslaw One Douglas-fir progeny tests16/05/2018SWP-T049SWP-T049 (1.45 Mb)
Fastigata Veneer Stiffness16/05/2018SWP-T048SWP-T048 (541.13 Kb)