SWP – Technical Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
National forest owner survey and resource inventory of alternative species27/08/2021SWP-T133SWP-T133 (752.62 Kb)
Assessment of Eucalyptus globoidea heartwood at Avery16/08/2021SWP-T131SWP-T131 (1.30 Mb)
Forest Protection SSIF research on species other than radiata pine 2020/2106/07/2021SWP-T130SWP-T130 (4.89 Mb)
Cupressus x ovensii Bending Strength and Stiffness15/07/2021SWP-T129SWP-T129 (975.93 Kb)
Experimental and Parametric Studies on Douglas-fir CLT Shear Walls with High Capacity Connections15/07/2021SWP-T128SWP-T128 (1.73 Mb)
Techno-economic analysis of posts from specialty wood species and radiata pine16/08/2021SWP-T127SWP-T127 (713.62 Kb)
Techno-economic analysis of veneers & posts from specialty wood species (durable eucalypts)16/08/2021SWP-T126SWP-T126 (519.50 Kb)
Spatial distribution of cell collapse in Eucalyptus nitens wood due to drying treatment23/06/2021SWP-T125SWP-T125 (1.76 Mb)
Assessing heartwood in E. bosistoana cores from NIR hyperimages15/07/2021SWP-T124SWP-T124 (4.80 Mb)
Feasibility trials – peeling posts of durable eucalypts23/06/2021SWP-T123SWP-T123 (4.02 Mb)
The current and future potential of contingency species to mitigate biosecurity risk for the New Zealand forest sector04/01/2021SWP-T122SWP-T122 (1.79 Mb)
Recommended sampling intensity for phenotyping durable eucalypt heartwood quality30/03/2021SWP-T121SWP-T121 (2.20 Mb)
Assessment of NZDFI Eucalyptus quadrangulata Breeding Populations22/01/2021SWP-T120SWP-T120 (956.95 Kb)
Experimental testing of high capacity screwed connections in Douglas-fir CLT09/01/2021SWP-T119SWP-T119 (3.24 Mb)
Eucalyptus resistance to paropsine beetles.25/12/2020SWP-T118SWP-T118 (1.29 Mb)
Douglas-fir Regional Processing Strategy Part 325/12/2020SWP-T117SWP-T117 (869.60 Kb)
Grade recoveries from sawing 20-year-old unpruned cypress clones30/12/2020SWP-T116SWP-T116 (1.30 Mb)
Economic modelling of a C. ovensii clonal regimes for a range of growth rates12/12/2020SWP-T115SWP-T115 (548.90 Kb)
Analysis of the treated wood market for Agricultural and Horticultural uses in New Zealand12/11/2020SWP-T114SWP-T114 (2.97 Mb)
Douglas fir Processing Opportunities12/11/2020SWP-T113SWP-T113 (743.37 Kb)