SWP – Technical Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
Diversified Forestry Project of the Forestry and Wood Processing Industry Transformation Plan : Final Report03/04/2024ITP-Final ReportFinal Report All ITP projects Nov 23 (2.76 Mb)
Preliminary Alternative Species PSP Review18/03/2024ITP-TR019ITP-TR019 PSP preliminary review report Final 29-02-2024 (801.70 Kb)
File Note : Abies grandis nursery research report10/01/2024ITP-FN005ITP-FN005 Abies nursery project (1.44 Mb)
File Note : Thinning and sample collection in Cypress clonal trial on the Paparoa Rd site10/01/2024ITP-FN004ITP-FN004 Nov2023 Cypress Hybrid Clonal Trial (2.14 Mb)
File Note : Assessment of Tarawera site 2017 Cypress Hybrid trial10/01/2024ITP-FN003ITP-FN003 Assessment 2017 Cypress Hybrid Clonal Trial Tarawera forest (361.08 Kb)
File Note : Stage 2 workplan for durable eucalypt R&D10/01/2024ITP-FN002ITP-FN002 Workplan phase 2 UCNZDFI_DurableEucalyptWoodQuality final (190.98 Kb)
File Note : E. macrorhyncha and class 1 red timbered species project – stage 110/01/2024ITP-FN001ITP-FN001 MRC Class1RedTimberSpecies and E. macrorhyncha Project 26.4.23 (494.86 Kb)
Specialty Species Cabin – show casing alternative timbers09/01/2024ITP-TR010ITP-TR010 Specialty Species Cabin flyer-compressed (1.77 Mb)
Cabin CAD drawings09/01/2024ITP-TR005ITP-TR005 Cabin CAD drawings-compressed (1.85 Mb)
Assessment of Eucalyptus macrorhyncha wood properties from the NZDFI Waikakaho seedling seed stand09/01/2024ITP-TR018ITP-TR018 UC-Assessment of E. macrorhyncha Wood Properties-28Nov23final CA (688.57 Kb)
Evaluation of Eucalyptus macrorhyncha and class 1 durable red timber eucalypts for New Zealand environments09/01/2024ITP-TR017ITP-TR017 MRC_AssessmentofE.macrorhynchaClass1RedSpecies Final (750.57 Kb)
Identifying Coast Redwood ‘Plus’ Trees That Display Superior Heartwood Durability09/01/2024ITP-TR016ITP-TR016 Identifying Coast redwood Plus trees V2 (4.00 Mb)
Alternative species mapping for the Wairarapa Region09/01/2024IPT-TR015ITP-TR015 Wairarapa_alternative_spp_mapping_report_VX (454.21 Kb)
Import Substitution Project – Final report09/01/2024ITP-TR014ITP-TR014 Import Substitution_FINAL (1.99 Mb)
A comparison of the performance of six eucalypt species planted in 2018 NZDFI demonstration trials09/01/2024ITP-TR013ITP-TR013 NZDFI Report on 2018 Demonstration Trial Series 301023final (1.04 Mb)
The decay resistance of six Eucalyptus species seven years four months exposure09/01/2024ITP-TR012ITP-TR012 Eucalyptus stakes_7 years four months (919.82 Kb)
Decay rate of Cypress stakes after two years six months exposure at the Whakarewarewa test site09/01/2024ITP-TR011ITP-TR011 Cypress stakes _SWP_Technical_Report_2.5 years (636.63 Kb)
NZDFI seed collection from elite trees for breeding programme09/01/2024ITP-TR009ITP-TR009 MRC_SeedCollectionEliteTrees_Millen_final31October2023 (1.25 Mb)
Evaluation of E. macrorhyncha and class 1 durable red timber eucalypts for NZ environments – workshop notes09/01/2024ITP-TR008ITP-TR008 NZDFIScienceTeamWorkshopNotes_18August_Final (186.89 Kb)
Pests and Diseases of Eucalyptus macrorhyncha09/01/2024ITP-TR007ITP-TR007 Pawson_Macrorhyncha_16-8-23 (7.71 Mb)