Technical Reports – Environment & Social

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Report Name Published Report Download
Water Quality Monitoring and Water Quality Indicators for Plantation Forests29/08/2017ES005ES005 (1.74 Mb)
A Framework and Portal for Planted Forest Sustainability Reports29/08/2013ES020ES020 (2.09 Mb)
Future Forest Erosion Species Trial – Final Report29/08/2013ES019ES019 (2.14 Mb)
An Overview of Databases and Models used to Monitor and Report on Freshwater in New Zealand29/08/2013ES018ES018 (976.07 Kb)
A Mechanism for Enhancing Biodiversity in New Zealand29/08/2012ES017ES017 (1.48 Mb)
Value of Avoided Soil Erosion and Policy Measures to Encourage Afforestation in NZ29/08/2012ES016ES016 (1.46 Mb)
Developing a Forest Investment Finder for NZ29/08/2012ES015ES015 (2.51 Mb)
Design and Establishment of New Experimental Trials in Future Forests29/08/2011ES014ES013 (657.79 Kb)
Future Forest Erosion Species Trial – Progress Report29/08/2011ES013ES013 (657.79 Kb)
Determining Priorities for Sustainability Research on New Zealand Forestry29/08/2010ES012ES012 (919.80 Kb)
International Perspectives of New Zealand’s Sustainable Forestry29/08/2010ES011ES011 (1.61 Mb)
Adding Value to New Zealand Forests29/08/2010ES008ES008 (1.16 Mb)
Visualisations of New Zealand Forestry for Sustainability: A Literature Survey of Key Topics29/08/2010ES007ES007 (910.43 Kb)
How will an ETS affect land use and planted forest management in NZ?29/08/2009ES010ES010 (732.66 Kb)
Giving Regional Context to International Sustainable Forestry Indicators29/08/2009ES009ES009 (1.61 Mb)
Economic Value of Recreation in Whakarewarewa Forest29/08/2009ES006ES006 (5.46 Mb)