GCFF Technical Notes

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Report Name Published Report Download
Growth Responses to Boron Fertilisation in Pinus radiata15/04/2015GCFF TN-001GCFF TN-001 (717.19 Kb)
Effects of Silviculture and Seedlot on Radiata Pine Growth, Wood Properties and End-product Quality30/06/2015GCFF TN-002GCFF TN002 (676.98 Kb)
Economics of Segregation Based on Wood Properties17/08/2015GCFF TN-003GCFF TN003 (733.63 Kb)
Testing new soil enzyme assays for predicting forest fertiliser response – protease may have limited suitability01/06/2015GCFF TN-005GCFF TN005 (525.51 Kb)
Locating Individual Trees with a Forest Genetics Trial30/07/2015GCFF TN-006GCFF TN006 (622.26 Kb)
Predicting productivity using combinations of LiDAR, satellite imagery and environmental data30/07/2015GCFF TN-007GCFF TN007 (520.54 Kb)
Linking Remote Sensing Techniques and Leaf Area Index30/07/2015GCFF TN-008GCFF TN008 (426.12 Kb)
Refined models of leaf area index for LiDAR30/07/2014GCFF TN-009GCFF TN009 (480.32 Kb)
Use of productivity indices to spatially predict optimal stnad density, value and the economic feasibility of pruning30/07/2016GCFF TN-010GCFF TN010 (456.58 Kb)
The potential of in-forest segregation using an acoustic tool on a harvester head30/07/2016GCFF TN-011GCFF TN011 (436.26 Kb)
Track-sprayer screening trials for testing new mid-rotation treatment options – 2016/1617/07/2016GCFF TN-012GCFF TN012 (1.51 Mb)
Development of a prototype phenotyping platform for plantation forests17/05/2017GCFF TN-014GCFF TN014 (952.11 Kb)
The Accelerator Trial series – underlying concepts and progress at the first trial site17/06/2017GCFF TN-015GCFF TN015 (1.22 Mb)
Examining the potential uses for biuret in New Zealand forestry17/06/2017GCFF TN-016GCFF TN016 (1.07 Mb)
Screening trials comparing foliar treatment responses to industry genotypes25/09/2017GCFF TN-017GCFF TN017 (1.36 Mb)
Forest Industry Applications of UAV’s24/07/2017GCFF TN-018GCFF TN018 (1.43 Mb)
Management Options to increase Radiata Stress Tolerance – Progress to Date08/11/2017GCFF TN-019GCFF TN019 (960.94 Kb)
Reconstructing parentage in Pinus radiata using exome capture genotyping – proof of concept in FR10/014/03/2018GCFF TN-020GCFF-TN020 (401.36 Kb)
Overcoming GPS error to locate exceptional individual trees in the forest12/06/2018GCFF TN-021GCFF TN021 (655.47 Kb)
The accelerator Trial series – update on progress to June 201922/06/2019GCFF TN-022GCFF-TN022 (1.39 Mb)