RFP Technical Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
Prototype Socio-Economic Scenarios for Climate change Strategic Management01/12/2021RFP-T016RFP-T016 (945.48 Kb)
Accelerator Trial Update 202101/12/2021RFP-T015RFP-T015 Accelerator trial update 2021 (2.07 Mb)
Capture and extraction of phenotypic traits from novel high-density point clouds01/12/2021RFP-T014RFP-T014 (2.21 Mb)
Social Extension of Quantitative Portfolio Framework24/06/2021RFP-T013RFP-T013 (489.16 Kb)
Towards quantitative analysis of social risk in forest planning24/06/2021RFP-T012RFP-T012 (525.30 Kb)
Risk perception and climate change adaptation: initial survey results using Protection Motivation Theory approach24/06/2021RFP-T010RFP-T010 (1023.95 Kb)
Identifying the key pathosystem components of red needle cast15/06/2021RFP-T011RFP-T011 (1.42 Mb)
Enterprise Risk management framework24/05/2021RFP-T009RFP-T009.doc (928.33 Kb)
Nursery automation and phenotyping: final report26/09/2020RFP-T006RFP-T006 (3.77 Mb)
Use of hyperspectral imagery to predict foliar nitrogen, phosphorus and photosynthetic capacity in radiata pine26/09/2020RFP-T004RFP-T004 (1.10 Mb)
Predicting Estate Productivity using Area-Based Phenotyping and Machine Learning07/07/2020RFP-T007RFP-T007 (703.33 Kb)
Red Needle Cast monitoring framework using high resolution satellite imagery16/06/2020RFP-T008RFP-T008 (4.10 Mb)
Identifying Key Parameter for RNC Severity Modelling and Prediction26/04/2020RFP-T005RFP-T005 (805.67 Kb)
Monitoring the seasonal growth impact of foliar pathogens – an ideal sensor network20/04/2020RFP-T003RFP-T003 (1.15 Mb)
Needs of stakeholders and state-of-the-art in tree and forest growth simulation20/04/2020RFP-T002RFP-T002 (1.70 Mb)
Review of literature on the development of climatic and socio-economic scenarios for New Zealand forestry20/04/2020RFP-T001RFP-T001 (1.37 Mb)
FGR Nursery Automation: Interim update20/11/2019RFP-T000RFP-T000 (1.41 Mb)