Automation and Robotics – Technical Notes

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Report Name Published Report Download
Results of a Residue Volume Study on Steepland Harvest Sites06/03/2023HTN15-05HTN15-05 (508.92 Kb)
Measuring Woody Residues on Steepland Harvest Landings & Cutovers06/03/2023HTN15-04HTN15-04 (654.30 Kb)
Electric-drive Log Trucks for the Forestry Industry – A review of the literature06/03/2023HTN15-03HTN15-03 (245.24 Kb)
Haptic Proximity System Custom Build06/03/2023HTN15-02HTN15-02 (372.57 Kb)
Haptic Proximity System Research & Development16/02/2023HTN15-01HTN15-01 (523.76 Kb)
Capturing & Harnessing Embodied Cognition30/11/2022HTN14-05HTN14-05 (268.05 Kb)
Preliminary results of small-scale load dynamics testing30/11/2022HRN14-04HTN14-04 (398.52 Kb)
Evaluation of EMG Sensors for Biofeedback30/11/2022HTN14-03HTN14-03 (359.11 Kb)
Acoustic Analysis of Mechanical Log Processing30/11/2022HTN14-02HTN14-02 (561.74 Kb)
Inertial Measurement Units to Record Operator & Machine Movements30/11/2022HTN14-01HTN14-01 (469.34 Kb)
Machine Maintenance Non-Injury Events: Analysis of IRIS data19/11/2021HTN13-02HTN13-02 (594.69 Kb)
Augmented Reality In Field Servicing Tool28/10/2021HTN13-03HTN13-03 (1.06 Mb)
Horizontal and vertical integration in the biomass business: a review of developments and a case study of Azwood Ltd, Nelson27/10/2021HTN13-01HTN13-01 (790.35 Kb)
“State of the art” Human Factors innovations in operator measurement10/08/2020HTN12-11HTN12-11 (453.41 Kb)
Applications of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality10/08/2020HTN12-10HTN12-10 (840.35 Kb)
Capturing decision making during log fleeting operations10/08/2020HTN12-09HTN12-09 (457.28 Kb)
Machinery Maintenance Injuries: Analysis of IRIS data10/08/2020HTN12-08HTN12-08 (426.74 Kb)
TR300 Remote Felling Wedge15/05/2020HTN12-07HTN12-07 (615.38 Kb)
Safety benefits of growing forestry technology18/03/2020HTN12-06HTN12-06 (405.82 Kb)
A Woodlot Analysis Tool – Designed and Initial Testing09/03/2020HTN12-05HTN12-05 (486.59 Kb)