Automation and Robotics – Technical Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
PGP Business Case: Te Mahi Ngahere i te Ao Hurihuri – Forestry Work in the Modern Age18/10/2019H036H036 (3.26 Mb)
Design of a Prototype Autonomous Forestry Extraction Machine18/02/2020H037H037 (1.43 Mb)
Effect of personality on felling machine operator performance: Case study using a John Deere Simulator18/02/2020H038H038 (1.36 Mb)
Productivity and utilisation of winch-assist machines: case studies in New Zealand and Canada18/02/2020H039H039 (2.96 Mb)
Steep Land Harvesting Programme – Post Programme Report 31 July 201918/02/2020H040H040 (1.14 Mb)
Biomass recovery operations in New Zealand: a review of the review18/02/2020H041H041 (1.41 Mb)
Using Data Envelopment Analysis to explore Productivity Benchmarking in the New Zealand Harvesting Sector18/03/2020H042H042 (720.63 Kb)
Assessment of Winch-Assist Skidder in Gisborne, New Zealand16/04/2020H043H043 (1.63 Mb)
Literature Review of In-forest debarking07/08/2020H044H044 (2.97 Mb)
Benchmarking 2019 update; with long-term productivity and cost analyses10/08/2020H045H045 (1.04 Mb)
Automated Truck load securing: a review of the literature27/09/2021H050H050 (2.68 Mb)
Management of Woody Biomass: A review of the literature27/09/2021H049H049 (2.97 Mb)
Survey of Fixed Felling Heads in New Zealand27/10/2021H052H052 (2.02 Mb)
Koller 602H Automated Cable Yader Productivity Study: Coronet Forest, Arrowtown, NZ27/10/2021H051H051 (1012.18 Kb)
H046 – Stress and the New Zealand Forest Industry Workforce29/08/2022H046H046 (562.54 Kb)
H047 – Harvesting Automation Value Chain Modelling29/08/2022H047 H047 (868.94 Kb)
H053 Understanding the Machine Operator’s Experience of Stress29/08/2022H053H053 (594.30 Kb)