Harvesting External Publications

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Report Name Published Report Download
Impact of piece size and slope on productivity and costs of CTL harvesting equipment01/09/2008CRC-1CRC-1 (120.72 Kb)
Best practice harvester calibration01/10/2008CRC-2CRC-2 (102.93 Kb)
The impact of tare weight on transportation efficiency in Australian Foreste Operations01/12/2008CRC-3CRC-3 (77.03 Kb)
Effects of different stocking densities on harvesting of blue gum stands in Western Australia01/06/2009CRC-5CRC-5 (491.41 Kb)
LIRO Costing Model01/08/2009012009 LIRO COSTING MODEL AUG 09 (462.00 Kb)
Business Management for Logging01/11/200902Business Management for Logging page (135.48 Kb)
Industry Census FITEC01/12/200905Industry_Census_FITEC_Dec2009 (29.05 Kb)
Evaluation of an in-field chipping operation in Western Australia01/12/2009CRC-4CRC-4 (198.48 Kb)
Comparing harvester productivity in third-row versus fifth-row thinning of a Eucalyptus nitens plantation01/12/2009CRC-6CRC-6 (293.16 Kb)
Impacts of Environmental Compliance on Harvesting Operation in NZ – Results of a Survey01/04/201003SurveyEnvComplianceReport (1018.83 Kb)
Review of commercial wood-fuelled electricity and heat generation technologies01/04/2010CRC-7CRC-7 (220.37 Kb)
Forest truck fuel consumption survey01/04/2010CRC-8CRC-8 (142.66 Kb)
Forest Harvest Practices in and around Sensitive Areas – a literature review01/06/201004HarvestSensitiveAreasReport (6.32 Mb)
Bunching Stems in Steep Slopes for Efficient Yarder Extraction01/05/201100Feller Buncher (681.75 Kb)
Mechanized Harvesting in Riparian Zones Using a Long-Reach Single-grip Harvester12/10/2012AD-01AD-01 (901.23 Kb)
Productivity of a Cable Yarder Teamed with a Feller-Buncher and a Grapple Skidder12/10/2012AD-02AD-02 (449.62 Kb)
Effect of Log Length and Number of Products on the Productivity of Cut-to-length Harvesting in the Boreal Forest12/10/2012AD-04AD-04 (471.87 Kb)
Butt Damage and Machine Productivity with Various Degrees of Multiple-tree Felling: A Case Study12/10/2012AD-05AD-05 (228.20 Kb)
Mechanized Processing on Steep Slopes in Summer Conditions to Produce Short Logs12/10/2012AD-06AD-06 (273.28 Kb)
Using Mechanized Systems to Harvest Second-growth Forests in Coastal British Columbia:12/10/2012AD03AD-03 (1.98 Mb)