Harvesting Technical Notes

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Report Name Published Report Download
A Method to Estimate Yarding Distance01/01/2009HTN02-04HTN02-04 (253.74 Kb)
A New Method for Bunching Trees on Steep Terrain01/01/2009HTN02-05HTN02-05 (800.96 Kb)
A Piece Counter for Monitoring Production01/01/2009HTN01-03HTN01-03 (298.30 Kb)
A Steep Slope Excavator Feller Buncher20/11/2010HTN03-02HTN03-02 (886.15 Kb)
A Study of Breakout Forces in Cable Logging31/07/2017HTN09-06HTN09-06 (521.07 Kb)
After Dark Logging with Alpine Grapple Carriage12/11/2014HTN07-02HTN07-02 (720.92 Kb)
Alpine Grapple Carriage – From Prototype to Production02/10/2014HTN06-09HTN06-09 (658.45 Kb)
Alternative Power Sources for Cable Yarders07/01/2014HTN06-04HTN06-04 (472.77 Kb)
ClimbMAX2 Steep Slope Harvester26/09/2013HTN05-07HTN05-07 (704.58 Kb)
Comparison of Felling Heads to Reduce Tree Breakage23/12/2019HTN11-01HTN11-01 (883.98 Kb)
Comparison of Methods for Estimating Harvesting Payload01/01/2009HTN02-08HTN02-08 (223.71 Kb)
Constructex Wire Rope: Initial Trials04/08/2016HTN08-08HTN08-08 (470.45 Kb)
Crew Best Practice – Costs and Productivity12/01/2011HTN03-07HTN03-07 (428.15 Kb)
Data Capture from Harvester On-board Computers06/11/2015HTN08-03HTN08-03 (625.99 Kb)
Design of a Lab-based Development Platform14/08/2012HTN04-11HTN04-11 (2.12 Mb)
Developing a Multi-function Hauler: A Feasbility Study09/12/2011HTN04-04HTN04-04 (199.72 Kb)
Development of a Tension Monitoring App09/06/2017HTN09-01HTN09-01 (629.12 Kb)
Effect of Future Fuel Cost on Harvesting Costs12/10/2011HTN04-05HTN04-05 (1.10 Mb)
Effect of Piece Size on Felling Machine Productivity01/01/2009HTN02-09HTN02-09 (428.54 Kb)
Falcon Forestry Claw Grapple: Productivity and Ergonomics26/09/2013HTN05-06HTN05-06 (489.03 Kb)