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Effects of interspecific plant competition on DF growth and survival01/03/1994DF005DF005 (15.62 Mb)
Herbicides for controlling weeds in DF plantations01/03/1994DF006DF006 (13.63 Mb)
Drying of DF clearwood01/05/1994DF007DF007 (318.54 Kb)
Review of silvicultural trials11/05/1994PM003REP03 (1.50 Mb)
DF clones in Waiuku seed orchard Part 1: Flushing order Part 2: Health assessment01/06/1994DF008DF008 (627.97 Kb)
Review of DF nutrition in NZ01/08/1994DF009DF009 (618.75 Kb)
“The effects of rock phosphate and superphosphate fertiliser application on weight, nitrogen content and phosphorus content of Pinus radiata litterfall, at three sites with different phosphorus retention capacity”29/08/1994SM068SMC_068 (2.84 Mb)
Evaluation of the CLAYSFERT stand growth model: Prediction of change in foliar P after application of less soluble fertilisers29/08/1994SM067SMC_067 (2.20 Mb)
Key Points from Technical Sessions of the NZ Forest Site Management Cooperative, held at Oakwood Manor, Auckland – 26/27 July 199430/09/1994SMC069SMC069 (1.07 Mb)
Prediction of diameter and height starting values for the EARLY growth model11/11/1994PM008REP08 (695.28 Kb)
Validation of the diameter over stubs function for genetically improved Radiata Pine11/11/1994PM007REP07 (882.25 Kb)
The effect of physiological age of cuttings on unpruned log quality – establishment report11/11/1994PM005REP05 (568.17 Kb)
Validation of the model to predict branch index in direct sawlog regimes11/11/1994PM004REP04 (466.43 Kb)
Equations for the forest fire behaviour tables for Western Australia (Fire behaviour prediction)01/01/1995Beckbeck1 (2.27 Mb)
Modelling the position of branch cluster in Radiata Pine01/01/1995SGM045SGM045 (1.03 Mb)
Validation of growth rate multipliers for the SANDS and NAPIRAD models01/01/1995SGM044SGM044 (2.22 Mb)
Best linear prediction of breeding values for stem diameter in a Pinus radiata improvement programme01/01/1995SGM043SGM043 (2.59 Mb)
A strategy for efficient selection and evaluation of designer breeds01/01/1995SGM042SGM042 (1.74 Mb)
An examination of the validity of three Douglas-fir growth models01/01/1995 SGM041SGM041 (6.15 Mb)
Trials designed to quantify growth and yield gains from genetically improved Radiata Pine- Second revision01/01/1995SGM040SGM040 (4.43 Mb)
Strength Reduction of Wire Rope- Pin Connections01/01/1995 TN-20web_TN-20 (328.04 Kb)
Wilco Spot Cultivator01/01/1995 TN-19web_TN-19 (359.96 Kb)
The MAN 8X8 Truck01/01/1995 TN-18web_TN-18 (368.91 Kb)
Bracke B290 Spot Scarifier Mounder01/01/1995TN-17web_TN-17 (353.45 Kb)
Dehydration: The Dry Horror’s01/01/1995 TN-16web_TN-17 (353.45 Kb)
Towtem Articulating Grapple Clam01/01/1995 TN-15web_TN-15 (394.76 Kb)
Eagle 2 Motorised Slackpulling Carriage01/01/1995V-20-25web_REP-V20-25-1995 (868.94 Kb)
Bellis BE85- Machinery Evaluation01/01/1995V-20-24web_REP-V20-24-1995 (824.06 Kb)
Effect of Number of Log Grades on Log Making Errors01/01/1995V-20-23web_REP-V20-23-1995 (1.25 Mb)
Stump Anchorage Capacity on Two Soil Types01/01/1995V-20-22web_REP-V20-22-1995 (1.15 Mb)
Rehabilitation in the Forest Industry01/01/1995V-20-21web_REP-V20-21-1995 (816.59 Kb)
Rigging Options for the North Bend System01/01/1995V-20-20web_REP-V20-20-1995 (1.11 Mb)
An Excavation/Static Delimbering Combination01/01/1995V-20-19web_REP-V20-19-1995 (1.20 Mb)
Kawau Island Historic Reserve: A Public Perception of Logging and Landscape Change01/01/1995V-20-18web_REP-V20-18-1995 (2.39 Mb)
Chip Seal Trials for off Highway Forestry Roads01/01/1995V-20-17web_REP-V20-17-1995 (1.88 Mb)
Collection and Transportation of Logging Residues01/01/1995V-20-16web_REP-V20-16-1995 (1.52 Mb)
Extraction and Transportation of Early Thinnings for Chip Production01/01/1995V-20-15web_REP-V20-15-1995 (821.91 Kb)
Tree Felling Jacks01/01/1995V-20-14web_REP-V20-14-1995 (1.56 Mb)
Lost Time Accidents in Forestry- 199401/01/1995V-20-13web_REP-V20-13-1995 (904.31 Kb)
Cable Logging Disturbance on an Unstable Slope01/01/1995V-20-12web_REP-V20-12-1995 (1.57 Mb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 199401/01/1995V-20-11web_REP-V20-11-1995 (1.05 Mb)
The Trinder Static Delimber in a Ground-based Clearfell Operation01/01/1995V-20-10web_REP-V20-10-1995 (1.16 Mb)
An Evaluation of Two Hahn Harvesters Working in Clearfell Cable Operations01/01/1995V-20-09web_REP-V20-9-1995 (1.18 Mb)
Excavator High lead Logging01/01/1995V-20-08web_REP-V20-8-1995 (1.04 Mb)
Using Bark to Protect and Stabilise Fill Slopes01/01/1995V-20-07web_REP-V20-7-1995 (1.36 Mb)
A Survey of the Quality of Mechanised Log Making in New Zealand01/01/1995V-20-06web_REP-V20-6-1995 (917.92 Kb)
A Comparison of Continuous Ripping- Mounding with Spot Ripping Mounding01/01/1995V-20-05web_REP-V20-5-1995 (1.67 Mb)
Corduroy for Forest Roads01/01/1995V-20-04web_REP-V20-4-1995 (1.89 Mb)
Environmental Auditing in New Zealand Forestry01/01/1995V-20-03web_REP-V20-3-1995 (2.08 Mb)
An Evaluation of a Waratah HTH Model 234 Felling and Tree Length Delimbering in Radiata Pine Clearfell01/01/1995V-20-02web_REP-V20-2-1995 (1.81 Mb)