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GCFF TN0001 Boron Review Nov 201411/12/20141
GCFF 1.2 Update (presentation)14/10/20141.2
GCFF Paper: Characterising forest structure using combinations of airborne laser scanning data, RapidEye satellite imagery and environmental variables10/07/201510
Manuscript Meason et al CABALA_ 2016_07_19_ TST only20/07/201610
Possums and Pines01/01/20061010 (170.29 Kb)
GCFF 2014_15 Workplan Spreadsheet with progress10/07/201410
Paper Xue et al 2016 Boron 10-year responses_Draft12/04/201610
Forest and rural fire danger rating in New Zealand – 200601/01/20061010 NZFDRS (218.09 Kb)
RA2.3 Workplan12/02/201610
Nectria research updates01/03/20071010 (582.91 Kb)
Preso 4_Smaill 2015 RA 2.2c Q1 TST18/11/201510
GCFF Paper: Comparing parametric and non-parametric methods of predicting Site Index for radiata pine using combinations of data derived from environmental surfaces, satellite imagery and airborne laster scanning10/07/201511
GCFF Innovation cluster Charter Final 2014_0908/10/201411
FOA funded project_Maintaining our licence to add fertilisers to forest soils_260416 v220/07/201611
Evaluation of remote sensing technologies for forest health01/01/20061111 (1.95 Mb)
FOA GCFF Report_Q401/08/201411
Wildfires and Communities: Australasian Perspectives01/01/20061111 AustralasianPerspectives (405.89 Kb)
RA3.3 Development of new ES spatial layers for FIF12/02/201611
Detection of Nectria fuckeliana in wood cores from pruned and unpruned Pinus radiata. Second year results Feb 200701/02/20071111 (1.05 Mb)
Preso 5_Tarawera FR41 Third Rotation Opportunities27/11/201511
GCFF Draft Manuscript: A spatial economic frameork that accounts for the wider benefits of planted forests in policy and investment10/07/201512
NuBalM pathway Summary of Plan 201620/07/201612
Remote Sensing Needs identified during industry consultation01/01/20051212 (215.24 Kb)
New Zealand Experimental & Wildfire Observer Guide – 2006 Guide Version 1.1 – January 2006.01/01/20061212 NZFireObserverGuide (2.39 Mb)
Paper: Dash et al 2016 WindRisk_Paper Draft12/02/201612
Nectria in pruned and unpruned trees01/05/20071212 (644.05 Kb)
Preso 6_ NuBalM Development Update TST Nov 201527/11/201512
GCFF Paper: Multi-sensor modelling of forest productivity using combinations of airborne laser scanning, high resolution RapidEye satellite imagery and environmental data10/07/201513
GCFF Quarterly Report Q113/10/201413
Detection of disease in forest nurseries01/01/20061313 (1.14 Mb)
New Zealand Experimental and Wildfire Observer Guide : Forms – 2006 Fire Weather Recording Form01/02/20061313 NZFireObserverGuide-forms (456.35 Kb)
Paper: Meason et al Productivity_Gap_Abstract 11Dec1512/02/201613
The effect of pruning on the presence of Nectria fuckeliana01/03/20071313 (391.35 Kb)
Fungi on trees and shrubs in NZ. Fungi of NZ Volume 401/08/20051414 (108.26 Kb)
Applying fire spread simulators in New Zealand and Australia – 2006 Results from an international seminar01/02/20061414 NZ_SimWshop-FuelsConf (1.02 Mb)
Detection of Nectria fuckeliana in wood cores from pruned and unpruned Pinus radiata – interim report23/06/20061414 (168.88 Kb)
Presentation: 01_Dash_WindRisk_Q4TST July 201510/07/201515
National certificate in forest health surveillance: forest and tree health field manual01/12/20051515 (1.43 Mb)
Forest Biosecurity & Protection – Communication of Fire Danger Warnings in New Zealand and Overseas – May 200701/05/20071515 FireDangerWarnings (648.15 Kb)
Nectria research updates01/06/20061515 (3.10 Mb)
Presentation: 02_Beets_Nutrient Balance Model_Q4TST July 201515/07/201516
Survey of potential sapstain fungi on Pinus radiata in NZ01/01/20051616 (497.27 Kb)
Forest Biosecurity & Protection – Review of methods and data on rural fire suppression resource productivity and effectiveness – June 200701/06/20071616 FireSuppression (615.66 Kb)
Ecology and epidemiology of Nectria fuckeliana in Pinus radiata : first year results01/05/20061616 (1.63 Mb)
Presentation: 03_Harrison_Approaches to mitigate post-harvest erosion_Q4 TST July 2015 [Compatibility Mode]15/07/201517
Impact of climate variability on fire danger – August 200701/08/20071717 ClimVar_IPOandENSO (1.41 Mb)
Protection of pruned stubs against invasion by Nectria fuckeliana01/05/20061717 (87.33 Kb)
Presentation: 04_Garrett_Tarawera Long term site productivity trial_Q4TST July 201515/07/201518
Aerial fire suppression research – 200801/02/20081818 AerialSuppposter (814.94 Kb)
Nectria Ecology update01/02/20061818 (567.44 Kb)