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Basal area and volume response of Pinus Radiata to applications of P fertiliser of varying solubility on sites displaying different degrees of P retention29/08/1988SM033SMC_033 (796.62 Kb)
Key pointes from a technical session on N fertilising Radiata Pine held in Tokorua29/08/1988SM032SMC_032 (3.10 Mb)
Whole tree thinning of Radiata Pine. Early effects on growth29/08/1988SM031SMC_031 (811.79 Kb)
How accurate is a foliage recommendation for B29/08/1988SM030SMC_030 (492.22 Kb)
“Results of some experiments involving cultivation, fertilisation and/or weed control as factors examining the growth of young Radiata Pine.”29/08/1988 SM029SMC_029 (5.26 Mb)
“Progress report on legumes and rock phosphate in Northland, potassium nutrition on the West Coast and boron trials in Nelson and Canterbury”29/08/1988 SM028SMC_028 (1.02 Mb)
“Assessment of legume development in plot 379, Crohane Forest, three months after sowing”29/08/1988 SM027SMC_027 (383.30 Kb)
Mg deficiency in Radiata Pine. Results of 2 fertiliser trials after 3 years29/08/1988SM026SMC_026 (774.05 Kb)
Sand dune N growth modifier29/08/1988SM025SMC_025 (1.14 Mb)
The 1987 measurements of long term phosphate trials AK286/4 and AK286/529/08/1988SM024SMC_024 (482.10 Kb)
Soil phosphate and the growth of Radiata Pine in Riverhead Forest. A report on the AK734 series of trials in established stands29/08/1988SM023SMC_023 (628.38 Kb)
Phosphate rock trials on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand29/08/1988SM022SMC_022 (670.83 Kb)
Foliage sampling- A scientists view29/08/1988SM021SMC_021 (1.21 Mb)
Performance of improved P. radiata breeds on New Zealand sites10/09/1988SMC004SMC004 (383.71 Kb)
Bud and foliage characteristics of cuttings from 1 to 5 year old trees01/10/1988SMC005SMC005 (1.66 Mb)
Internode length estimates for improved breeds of Pinus radiata01/11/1988SMC007SMC007 (434.66 Kb)
Demonstration/ research trials of improved Radiata Pine breeds- Establishment report01/11/1988SMC006SMC006 (10.85 Mb)
Estimation of fuel weight and prediction of fire behaviour in slash pine plantations (fuel dynamics, fuel management, prescribed burn)01/01/1989Wattswattsbridges1989 (1.32 Mb)
Prescribing low intensity fire to kill wilding in Pinus radiata plantations in Western Australia (Prescribed burn, fire behaviour)01/01/1989Burrowsburrows1 (599.00 Kb)
The growth of thinned and pruned stands01/01/1989SGM012SGM012 (1.62 Mb)
Second orchard survey results01/01/1989 SGM011SGM011 (1.39 Mb)
The Koller 2.5 Self Clamping Carriage01/01/1989V-14-22web_REP-V14-22-1989 (911.69 Kb)
A Study of Land Activities in PNW Swing Yarder Operations01/01/1989V-14-21web_REP-V14-21-1989 (1.64 Mb)
Geotextiles for Forest Roading01/01/1989V-14-20web_REP-V14-20-1989 (1.38 Mb)
The Thunderbird TSY 255 Swing Yarder01/01/1989V-14-19web_REP-V14-19-1989 (1.27 Mb)
Madill 122 Interlock Swing Yarder01/01/1989V-14-18web_REP-V14-18-1989 (1.28 Mb)
Processing Options For Hauler Landings01/01/1989 V-14-17web_REP-V14-17-1989 (1.27 Mb)
Loading Logs: A Comparison of Bell Superloggers and Rubber Tyred Front End Loaders at Tarawera Forest01/01/1989V-14-16web_REP-V14-16-1989 (1.09 Mb)
The Workload of Motor-Manual Delimbing01/01/1989V-14-15web_REP-V14-15-1989 (1.12 Mb)
Madill 171 Hauler01/01/1989V-14-14web_REP-V14-14-1989 (1.22 Mb)
TMY 70 Thunderbird Hauler01/01/1989V-14-13web_REP-V14-13-1989 (1.36 Mb)
Studies of Land Activities in 21M Tower Operations in PNW01/01/1989 V-14-12web_REP-V14-13-1989 (1.36 Mb)
Folding Barley Bridge Trailers in New Zealand01/01/1989V-14-11web_REP-V14-11-1989 (1.37 Mb)
The Denis Stroke Delimbing in Radiata Windthrow01/01/1989V-14-10web_REP-V14-10-1989 (933.05 Kb)
Felling Techniques to Reduce Butt Damage01/01/1989V-14-09web_REP-V14-9-1989 (1.36 Mb)
Skidder Cab Design and Operator Posture01/01/1989V-14-08web_REP-V14-8-1989 (406.31 Kb)
Clearing the Tower with a Bell Logger01/01/1989 V-14-07web_REP-V14-7-1989 (943.81 Kb)
Analysis of Lost Time Accidents- 198801/01/1989V-14-06web_REP-V14-6-1989 (852.42 Kb)
Mechanised Processing and Extraction of Shortwood Thinning01/01/1989V-14-05web_REP-V14-5-1989 (1.51 Mb)
Log Truck Axle Layouts- 198901/01/1989 V-14-04web_REP-V14-4-1989 (1.51 Mb)
The Effect of Improved Working Conditions for Chainsaw Operators in Windthrow01/01/1989V-14-03web_REP-V14-3-1989 (1.30 Mb)
Production of Trials with a Wide Tyred Skidder01/01/1989V-14-02web_REP-V14-2-1989 (1.52 Mb)
The Waratah DFB Harvester01/01/1989 V-14-01web_REP-V14-1-1989 (2.26 Mb)
Noise and Hearing Loss in the Logging Industry01/01/1989 TR-V-11-05web_TN-V11-5 (952.70 Kb)
Mechanised Delimbering at a Cable Landing01/01/1989 TR-V-11-04web_TN-V11-4 (2.19 Mb)
Progress with Tipping Plate Earth Anchors01/01/1989 TR-V-11-03web_TN-V11-3 (1.45 Mb)
Chain Flail Processing: A New Look at an Old Idea01/01/1989 TR-V-11-02web_TN-V11-2 (1.51 Mb)
Machine Financing Options01/01/1989 TR-V-11-01web_TN-V11-1 (1.87 Mb)
The Relative Fuel Efficiency of Super Single Low Profile and Standard Tyres09/01/1989PR48PR 48 (1.44 Mb)
An Evaluation of a Hydraulic Knuckle boom Loader in a High Production/Multiple Log Sort Operation09/01/1989PR47PR 47 (1.98 Mb)