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Appendices for report 7411/11/2000PM074_AppendixREP74-APPENDIX (2.51 Mb)
Application of a wood-properties-based, techno-economic model in assessing the effects of stand density and seedlot on stumpage value in two Pinus radiata silviculture-breeds trials.14/07/2019GCFF TN-025GCFF-TN025 (694.62 Kb)
Application of the diagnostic and recommendation integrated S Hong system (DRIS) to young plantation eucalypts in New Zealand – a preliminary evaluation based on provisional standards08/04/1991ME013Manage Eucalypts Coop 13 (10.66 Mb)
Application of the New Zealand Douglas fir silvicultural growth model (DF NAT) to data from the Pacific Northwest.01/09/2004DF041Coopreport41PNW (729.43 Kb)
Applications of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality10/08/2020HTN12-10HTN12-10 (840.35 Kb)
Applications of System Dynamics in Forestry Supply Chains: A NZ Case Study01/12/2009R042R042 (598.58 Kb)
Applying fire spread simulators in New Zealand and Australia – 2006 Results from an international seminar01/02/20061414 NZ_SimWshop-FuelsConf (1.02 Mb)
Applying Satellite Imagery for Forest Planning01/03/2011RTN-005RTN-005 (1.03 Mb)
Area based Phenotyping platform Prototype Workplan04/12/2016WP017
Armilaria root disease of Pinus radiata in New Zealand, 4: Assessment of stand infection01/01/2002AR0707 (98.42 Kb)
Armillaria Root Disease in New Zealand Forests – A Review13/07/2006AR01AR01 (4.81 Mb)
Armillaria root disease of Pinus radiata in New Zealand, 1: Basidiospore Dispersal01/01/2002AR0404 (123.73 Kb)
Armillaria root disease of Pinus radiata in New Zealand, 2: Invasion and host reaction01/01/2002AR05AR02 (1.57 Mb)
Armillaria root disease of Pinus radiata in New Zealand, 3: Influence of thinning and pruning01/01/2002AR0606 (154.30 Kb)
Armillaria root diseases of Pinus radiata in New Zealand, 5: Stand assessment using aerial photography01/01/2002AR0808 (166.75 Kb)
Aspects of fire behaviour and fire suppression in a Pinus pinaster plantation (fire behaviour, crown fire)01/01/1988Burrowsburrows3 (198.36 Kb)
Assess 2011 Douglas-fir progeny trials for growth, form and Swiss needle-cast02/11/2020SWP-WP143
Assess susceptibility to insect pests across sites and susceptibility to EVB06/09/2018SWP-WP059
Assessed defoliation of Eucalyptus nitens breeding population to quantify genetic basis of palatability to Paropsis charybdis09/07/2019SWP-T083SWP-T083 (1.74 Mb)
Assessing E. nitens flooring product distortion24/11/2017SWP-WP049
Assessing heartwood in cores from the Martin 2009 E. bosistoana breeding trial06/09/2018SWP-WP062
Assessing heartwood in E. bosistoana cores from NIR hyperimages15/07/2021SWP-T124SWP-T124 (4.80 Mb)
Assessing NZDFI durable eucalypt species for peeling and clonal propagation09/07/2019SWP-WP114
Assessing paropsine damage on Eucalyptus trees with remote sensing29/11/2022SWP-T153SWP-T153 (976.02 Kb)
Assessing properties of E. nitens laminated flooring.27/03/2020SWP-T097SWP-T097 (1.26 Mb)
Assessing Spiral Grain by Light Transmission18/09/2012R057R057 (1.55 Mb)
Assessing suitability of laminated cypress for exterior joinery: Outdoor durability testing18/04/2019SWP-WP103
Assessing the Bending and Density Properties of six Eucalypt Species19/06/2019SWP-T080SWP-T080 (2.08 Mb)
Assessing the durability of C. x ovensii02/11/2020SWP-WP140
Assessing the wood properties of 20 year old unpruned Cypress clones. Part 2: Dry grade recoveries18/04/2019SWP-WP105
Assessment of 2009 Cypress Clonal Block Plantings24/10/2013DS060DS060 (1.12 Mb)
Assessment of 2012 E. bosistoana Breeding Population at McNeill property, Hawkes Bay01/04/2022SWP-FN137
Assessment of 2016 E. quadrangulata Breeding Population at Bradshaw property, Marlborough01/04/2022SWP-FN138
Assessment of a winch-assisted skidder in Castle Downs Forest, New Zealand29/11/2022HO48H048 (4.47 Mb)
Assessment of E fastigata Tree Height at Kaingaroa Cpt 33311/10/2012DSTN-035DSTN-035 (532.36 Kb)
Assessment of E. bosistoana Breeding Population at Avery, Bonavaree Farm, Marlborough22/09/2017SWP-FN037
Assessment of E. fastigata progeny trials at Kaingaroa and Waihaha – Revised24/06/2017SWP-WP040
Assessment of E. globoidea Breeding Population at Avery property, south Marlborough10/12/2020SWP-FN110
Assessment of E. globoidea Breeding Population at Juken NZ Ltd’s Ngaumu forest11/07/2017SWP-FN024
Assessment of E. globoidea wood properties at Atkinson17/02/2020SWP-T092SWP-T092 (1.44 Mb)
Assessment of E. quadrangulata Breeding Population at Cuddons DF0155_01Qua1131/01/2017SWP-FN016
Assessment of E. regnans Tree Height at Kaingaroa Cpt. 33311/09/2012DSTN-034DSTN-034 (646.57 Kb)
Assessment of established Trichoderma field trials and methodology for scoring disease05/10/2015BIO-T007BIO-T007 (927.82 Kb)
Assessment of Eucalyptus globoidea heartwood at Avery16/08/2021SWP-T131SWP-T131 (1.30 Mb)
Assessment of Eucalyptus globoidea heartwood at Ngaumu20/12/2021SWP-T142SWP-T142 (896.18 Kb)
Assessment of kraft pulp qualities of Eucalyptus maidenii from two sites aged five and six years01/04/2006EC005Euc Coop - Report No.5 (184.61 Kb)
Assessment of kraft pulp qualities of Eucalyptus maidenii from two sites aged five and six years01/08/2007EC005aEuc Coop - Report No.5A (198.62 Kb)
Assessment of NZDFI Eucalyptus quadrangulata Breeding Populations22/01/2021SWP-T120SWP-T120 (956.95 Kb)
Assessment of NZDFI’s 2011 Eucalyptus quadrangulata breeding populations01/03/2022SWP-T144SWP-T144 (1.20 Mb)
Assessment of RNC growth plots 201725/08/2017ND-FN002