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Optimising spray application efficiency for Dothistroma control – persistence of different formulations01/01/20070101 (622.76 Kb)
Endophytes Q1 2014 Report20/10/201401
GCFF Agenda and Meeting Presentations20/10/201601
2016 GCFF conference agenda as of 2016_03_1712/04/201601
HTHF Quarterly Q1 Review Report 201417/10/201401
Needle Disease Strategy Report Q1 201417/10/201401
Fastigata NZTM Productivity Index Sawlog04/06/201301productivity_surfaces_Fastigata_NZTM_productivity-index-sawlog (2.86 Mb)
GCFF TST Meeting 26 October 2017 – Agenda and Presentations25/10/201701
FOA GCFF Q2 Agenda TC Meetings 201612/02/201601
Nectria flute canker delimiting surveys01/06/20090101 (1.14 Mb)
00 TC Minutes Biosecurity Research Q1 Oct201405/02/201501
HTHF Q3 Report11/05/201501
Fire Research Documents pre-200830/09/201401AerialSuppposter (814.94 Kb)
GCFF Q3 TST Papers – 2 May 201823/05/201801
ND Q3 Report11/05/201501
GCFF Q1 Report30/10/201501
BIO Q3 Report11/05/201501
Agenda for Biosecurity Meeting – 27th August 201521/08/201501
cupressus 1931 Ex-scrub Plantation North31/07/201301cupressus_1931_ex-scrub-plantation_north (14.47 Mb)
Fastigata NZTM Productivity Index Pulpwood04/07/201301eucalypt_fastigata_pulpwood_south (4.05 Mb)
GCFF Q4 Agenda10/07/201501
Eucalypt_fastigata_sawlog_north12/07/201301eucalypt_fastigata_pulpwood_north (3.89 Mb)
01 GCFF Agenda & Presentations – 26 July 2019 – Q417/07/201901 GCFF Q4 2018_19
GCFF 2019-2020 Q1 TST Meeting Papers23/10/201901 Q1 GCFF 2019-2020
Practical soil sampling in planted forests – soil chemistry23/05/20150202 soil_chemistry_handout_june15 (251.84 Kb)
Harrison Kimberley Prediction of shallow landslide erosion Draft16/04/201502
Bushfire CRC Newsletter 28 April 200601/04/20060202. Bushfire CRC April 2006 (27.19 Kb)
Steepland Harvesting Programme Post-Programme Report 201821/07/201802Steepland Harvesting Programme_2018 Report (989.08 Kb)
Redwoods 400 Index NZTM12/07/201302redwoods_400index_NZTM (77.53 Mb)
Future proofing plantation forests from pests01/05/20100202 (555.38 Kb)
HTHF Q3 2015-1601/04/201602
FB Minutes from Previous Meeting 22 April 201619/07/201602
RA2.1b GxE interaction review paper_Y.Li and E.Telfer03/02/201502
Redwoods Site Index North12/07/201302redwoods_400index_north (40.54 Mb)
Manuscript: Nutrient Balance Model (NuBalM)02/05/201702
Cupressus 1965 Ex Scrub Plantation NZTM12/07/201302cupressus_1965_ex-scrub-plantation_NZTM (54.19 Mb)
Final: Scion GCFF 2014_2015 Workplan as of 2014 (Update 8/10/14)08/10/201402
Business Management for Logging01/11/200902Business Management for Logging page (135.48 Kb)
Future proofing plantation forests from pests01/05/20100202 (555.38 Kb)
RA1.1 Segregation10/07/201402
Validation of the Spraytrans Model for Prediction of Long-Range Pesticide Spray Drift : Progress Report01/06/20070202 (261.11 Kb)
Diversified Species Theme Update 0201/11/200902DSTU-002 (503.42 Kb)
FOA Progress Report Q401/08/201402
GCFF WP017 – GCFF WP017 Extension Phenotyping Platform03/01/201702
PP Q4 Communications Plan15/07/201402
FD Needle Disease Q4 Report 201415/07/201402
Effect of Stem Guying on the Incidence of Resin Pockets01/01/200902Effect of Stem Guying on the Incidence of Resin Pockets (293.61 Kb)
A fire danger climatology for New Zealand, plus Appendix 2 – 200301/05/20030202 FireDangerClim_App2_tables-NI (1.02 Mb)
Cupressus Site Index 1999 Pasture04/07/201302cupressus_site-index_1999ex-pasture_colour-ramp (7.27 Mb)
Optimising spray application efficiency for Dothistroma control characterisation of spray formulation properties01/01/20060202 (474.85 Kb)