Plantation Management Coop Reports

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Plantation Management Coop Report Index11/04/2007IndexPlantation Mgmt Cooperative Reports Index 1 - 111 (47.27 Kb)
PMCoop_ListofCoopReports11/04/2007List of Coop ReportsPMCoop_ListofCoopReports (145.96 Kb)
A model to predict branch index in Radiata Pine direct sawlog regimes11/11/1993PM001REP01 (841.80 Kb)
Radiata Pine followers trial – establishment report11/11/1993PM002REP02 (2.69 Mb)
Review of silvicultural trials11/05/1994PM003REP03 (1.50 Mb)
Validation of the model to predict branch index in direct sawlog regimes11/11/1994PM004REP04 (466.43 Kb)
The effect of physiological age of cuttings on unpruned log quality – establishment report11/11/1994PM005REP05 (568.17 Kb)
Effects of pruning on improved Radiata Pine breeds- trial establishment report11/02/1998PM006REP06 (1.12 Mb)
Effects of pruning on improved Radiata Pine breeds- trial establishment report11/02/1998PM006AREP06A (1.17 Mb)
Validation of the diameter over stubs function for genetically improved Radiata Pine11/11/1994PM007REP07 (882.25 Kb)
Prediction of diameter and height starting values for the EARLY growth model11/11/1994PM008REP08 (695.28 Kb)
Review of past wood quality research on agroforestry sites11/04/1995PM009REP09 (1.79 Mb)
Special purpose Radiata Pine breeds trials – Establishment report11/04/1995PM010REP10 (3.07 Mb)
Dothistroma genetic gain trail- Establishment report11/04/1995PM011REP11 (1.83 Mb)
Clonal trial for special purpose Radiata Pine breeds – Establishment report11/04/1995PM012REP14 (1.25 Mb)
Genetic gain trial to measure reduction of Dothistroma infection with Dothistroma-resistant breed- Results to age 311/04/1995PM014REP14 (1.25 Mb)
A strategy for efficient selection and evaluation of “designer breeds”11/11/1995PM015REP15 (1.71 Mb)
Predicting the growth of young stands of Radiata Pine from site factors- An investigation in the Bay of Plenty region11/11/1995PM016REP16 (2.60 Mb)
Genetic gain modifiers for log quality characteristics for use in STANDPAK – a preliminary analysis11/11/1995PM017REP17 (2.46 Mb)
Comparison of techniques to measure tree internode lengths11/11/1995PM018REP18 (12.20 Mb)