Stand Growth Modelling Coop Reports

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Report Name Published Report Download
Genetic gain in Radiata Pine expressed as growth rate multipliers01/01/1994SGM035SGM035 (3.86 Mb)
Projecting inventory data: Predicting individual tree diameter growth01/01/1994SGM034SGM034 (2.58 Mb)
Hawkes Bay growth model documentation01/01/1994SGM033SGM033 (1.69 Mb)
Establishment report for the 1987 silviculture/breeds trials01/01/1994SGM032SGM032 (3.29 Mb)
A comparison of the regional height models used in New Zealand01/01/1992SGM031SGM031 (676.35 Kb)
A comparison of methods used to predict individual tree diameter growth01/01/1992SGM030SGM030 (1.59 Mb)
Branch dynamics in Radiata Pine: Literature review01/01/1992SGM028SGM028 (1.61 Mb)
Comparison of actual outturns of log grades with predicted values01/01/1992SGM027SGM027 (1.09 Mb)
Overview of model differences01/01/1991SGM025SGM025 (1.29 Mb)
Trial designed to quantify growth and yield gains from genetically improved Radiata Pine01/01/1991SGM024SGM024 (2.02 Mb)
What is a diameter distribution?01/01/1991SGM023SGM023 (1.88 Mb)
PSP future strategy committee report01/01/1991SGM022SGM022 (1.30 Mb)
Experience with automatic differentiation in estimating forest growth model parameters01/01/1991SGM021SGM021 (907.75 Kb)
Testing of log quality predictions01/01/1991SGM020SGM020 (2.07 Mb)
Investigations into the possible causes of bias in the Nelson growth model01/01/1990SGM019SGM019 (1.41 Mb)
A growth model for Douglas-fir grown in the South Island01/01/1990SGM018SGM018 (2.55 Mb)
Permanent sample plot survey: Radiata Pine regional analysis (Experimental plots)01/01/1990SGM016SGM016 (2.44 Mb)
Permanent sample plot survey: Radiata Pine regional analysis (Growth plots)01/01/1990SGM015SGM015 (3.61 Mb)
A growth model for Radiata Pine grown in the Nelson/Marlborough region01/01/1990SGM014SGM014 (1.87 Mb)
Diameter distributions for the regional stand growth models01/01/1990SGM013SGM013 (1.69 Mb)