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Automated log tagging project

An exciting new log tracking project is getting underway within the Automation and Robotics programme, led by Dr Glen Murphy. The project, which is based on Swedish technology developed by Otmetka AB, aims to replace paper log tags with a unique punch code that will enable log identification and tracking from the time log is made in the forest to the time it is delivered to the customer. The log punch code will eliminate the cost of branding logs with paint, and the cost of attaching log tags to export logs. It will also mean log measurement and other attribute data will be captured only once, eliminating the duplication that currently occurs in the forest-to-customer supply chain.

New Zealand technology companies are partnering with the Swedish company Otmetka AB, to further develop and commercialise the technology here in New Zealand. Dr Glen Murphy is also putting together a project team which includes manufacturing partners, forestry companies, wood processors and port logistics companies, all of whom could adopt the new technology once it is developed.

The plan is to build an ‘alpha’ prototype log marker suitable for a NZ processor head and ‘alpha’ prototype tag readers by June 2021. This will be followed by testing of the alpha prototypes, and development of beta prototypes by the end of 2022. Field demonstrations, commercialisation and deployment of the technology will follow, with project completion before the end of 2025.

Contact: Keith Raymond for more information about the work of the FGR Automation and Robotics programme.

Helihawk Slash Grapple Extracting Slash – Keith Raymond – FGR

Grapple & Hauler Presentation – Keith Raymond – FGR