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Management of Harvesting Residues : Results from a Delphi survey of forest industry experts29/11/2022HO57H057 (690.62 Kb)
Benefits of Individual Log Identification to Sawmills in New Zealand29/11/2022HO56H056 (529.39 Kb)
JAS Volume Measurement on Mechanised Processors29/11/2022HO55H055 (936.66 Kb)
Productivity of a winch-assisted forwarder & processor : A case study in the Hawkes Bay region29/11/2022HO54H054 (2.10 Mb)
Assessment of a winch-assisted skidder in Castle Downs Forest, New Zealand29/11/2022HO48H048 (4.47 Mb)
SWP TST Meeting Q1 2022-2023 Oct 11th 202229/11/2022SWP TST Q1 Oct 11th 2022-2023
SWP TST Meetings 2021-2022 Q4 July 7th 202229/11/2022Q4 July 7th 2022 2021-2022
A review of NZDFI PSP data for analysis – SWP WP 16629/11/2022SWP-FN144
Participation in Forestry Hub at Fieldays, Mystery Creek29/11/2022SWP-WP167
Contribution to MPI booklet on ready to plant species29/11/2022SWP-WP168
Genetic variation in collapse and other wood properties of Eucalyptus quadrangulata at mid-rotation age29/11/2022SWP-T152SWP-T152 (1.05 Mb)
Assessing paropsine damage on Eucalyptus trees with remote sensing29/11/2022SWP-T153SWP-T153 (976.02 Kb)
Densification of Eucalyptus nitens and E. fastigata – stability29/11/2022SWP-T148SWP-T148 (402.39 Kb)
Economics of pruning radiata29/11/2022PSP-T002PSP-T002_G11 (630.93 Kb)
Mechanised Pruning28/10/202208 PSP-TST-PPT Mechanised Pruning
Battery Powered Chainsaws in Waste Thinning28/10/2022PSP-TFN004
Forest Nurseries: Tree Stock Monitoring28/10/2022PSP-TFN003
Modern nursery technology for containerised and bare rooted production systems28/10/2022PSP-TR004PSP-TR004_G11 (2.20 Mb)
Precision Planting Technology Scan28/10/2022PSP-TR003PSP-TR003_G11 (3.69 Mb)
A Digital Strategy for the Silviculture Industry28/10/2022PSP-TFN002 A Digital Strategy for the Silviculture Industry
Mechanisation of Lifting in Forest Nurseries – A review of the Status of Mechanised Lifting28/10/2022PSP-TFN001
Mechanised Thin to Waste and Production Thinning Technologies: an International and Domestic Review28/10/2022PSP-TR002PSP-TR002_G11 (3.30 Mb)
Manual and Mechanised Pruning Technologies: A review of the literature28/10/2022PSP-TR001PSP-TR001_G11 (1.03 Mb)
Manual & mechanised Pruning Tech_G1028/10/2022PSP-T001
Data-Standards_David Herries14/10/2022PSP-TST- PPT Data-Standards
Forest Systems Presentation – Yvette Dickinson14/10/2022PSP-TST-PPT Forest Systems
Real-time-thinning-assessment-Workplan_David Herries14/10/2022PSP-TST PPT Real-time-thinning-assessment-Workplan
Battery saws in thinning – Presentation_Rob Prebble14/10/2022PSP-TST-PPT10 Battery saws in thinning
Presentation – Machine Thinning and More_Don Scott14/10/2022PSP-TST-PPT09 Machine Thinning and More
Mechanised Pruning-Gareth B14/10/2022Mechanised Pruning
Presentation Time Study Pruning Tools_301_Tim Petro14/10/2022PST-TSP-PPT06 Time Study Pruning Tools
Presentation UAV_Spraying_R Hartley14/10/2022PSP-TST-PPT05 UAV_Spraying
Presentation Precision Planting Oct2022 – Carol Rolando14/10/2022PSP-TST-PPT 04 Precision Planting
Presentation Treestock-tracking_Integral – A Taylor14/10/2022PSP-TST-PPT03 Treestock-tracking_Integral
Nursery-Workstream Presentation Oct2022 – C-Stewart_K-Bayne14/10/2022PSP-TST-PPT02 Nursery-Workstream_C-Stewart_K-Bayne
Programme Overview Presentation_Oct-2022-B-Richardson14/10/2022PSP TST Program Overview
Q1 Papers – 7 October 202212/10/2022Q1 Papers - 7 October 2022
H053 Understanding the Machine Operator’s Experience of Stress29/08/2022H053H053 (594.30 Kb)
H047 – Harvesting Automation Value Chain Modelling29/08/2022H047 H047 (868.94 Kb)
H046 – Stress and the New Zealand Forest Industry Workforce29/08/2022H046H046 (562.54 Kb)
Methanol extraction from a range of cypress clonal material22/08/2022SWP-FN143
Changes in heartwood development for Cypress clones over time22/08/2022SWP-FN142
The decay resistance of six Eucalyptus species after six years exposure22/08/2022SWP-T150SWP-T150 (1.13 Mb)
Forest Protection SSIF research on species other than radiata pine 2021/2222/08/2022SWP-T151SWP-T151 Technical Report 1.11.10 to SWP on aligned FP research 2022 (793.35 Kb)
Comparative phenology of Paropsisterna cloelia and Paropsis charybdis in Marlborough22/08/2022SWP-T149SWP-T149 (1.80 Mb)
SWP Programme Update – July 202222/08/2022SWP-TU14SWP-TU14 (381.27 Kb)
Developing fully compatible taper and volume equations for all stem components of Eucalyptus globoidea Blakely trees in New Zealand22/08/2022SWP PW-11SWP PW-11 (1.71 Mb)
Genetic variation in wood properties of mid-rotation age Eucalyptus globoidea22/08/2022SWP PW-10SWP PW-10 (841.02 Kb)
Forestry Species to Fill Speciality Applications28/07/2022SWP-T139SWP-T139 (2.91 Mb)
Funding Proposal Template 2023-Updated closing date September 16th 202220/07/2022FundingProposal2023Funding Proposal Template 2023 (75.04 Kb)