Report Name Published Report Download
Eucalyptus nitens frosting trial – a potential seed source08/04/2017EBC029Eucalypt Coop Report 29 (4.34 Mb)
Coppicing of Eucalyptus fastigata and the hybrid Eucalyptus grandis X E. nitens08/04/2017EBC028Eucalypt Coop Report 28 (3.00 Mb)
Register of intellectual property08/04/2017EBC027Eucalypt Breed Coop 27_20080522192742 (1.89 Mb)
Analysis of 1993 E. globulus provenance trial08/04/2017EBC026Eucalypt Breed Coop 26_20080522192539 (2.17 Mb)
Choosing selection trials for profitability: An introduction to the problem08/04/2017EBC025Eucalypt Breed Coop 25_20080522192336 (1.95 Mb)
Eucalypt trials established 1993-1996 by the Eucalypt breeding cooperative08/04/2017EBC022Eucalypt Breed Coop 22 (14.89 Mb)
Wood properties of Eucalyptus nitens (Deane et Maiden) grown in New Zealand08/04/2017EBC020Eucalypt Breed Coop 20_20080522185512 (2.53 Mb)
Wood properties of 16 year old Eucalyptus fastigata grown in central Kaingaroa08/04/2017EBC019Eucalypt Breed Coop 19_20080522185104 (3.21 Mb)
Genetic Parameters of Eucalyptus nitens for growth in Australia and New Zealand08/04/2017EBC018Eucalypt Breed Coop 18_20080522183250 (2.26 Mb)
00 Report Index – Douglas fir Coop02/04/201700 Reports Index - Douglas Fir CoopDfirCoopReports0307 (48.27 Kb)
Reports Index Douglas fir Coop02/04/201700 Reports Index - Douglas Fir CoopDfirCoopReports0307 (48.27 Kb)
Infection period of red needle cast on Pinus radiata: fourth phase (2015-17)31/03/2017ND-T017ND-T017 (2.38 Mb)
GCFF Workshop 2017 – Workshop Presentations30/03/2017GCFF W04SCION (11.19 Kb)
GCFF Conference 2017 – Productivity challenges and opportunities in Southern Forests28/03/2017GCFF C04 ()
The fate of nursery ectomycorrhizae after out planning in clearcut sites22/03/2017BO-0505 (185.74 Kb)
Harvesting and Logistics Theme Update – March 201720/03/2017HTU-29HTU-29 (338.42 Kb)
E. globoidea NIR calibration sample collection13/03/2017SWP-FN018
Effects of New Zealand siting on wood density and internal checking of Eucalyptus nitens08/03/2017EBC039Eucalypt Coop Report 39 (6.58 Mb)
A regional approach to matching specialty timber species to sites06/03/2017SWP-T019SWP-T019 (651.84 Kb)
Presentation HTHF15/02/201701HTHF TSC meeting Presentation (1.91 Mb)
Plant defence responses to Trichoderma and elicitor treatments when challenged with Diplodia sapinea or Phytophthora pluvialis15/02/2017BIO-T013BIO-T013 (7.40 Mb)
Inoculation and colonisation of Pinus radiata seedlings with selected Trichoderma treatments15/02/2017BIO-T012BIO-T012 (2.92 Mb)
Forest Biosecurity Meeting Papers – 21 February 201714/02/20172016-17 Q2
Potential Demand for Haulers over the Next Ten Years13/02/2017HTN05-04HTN05-04 (2.24 Mb)
Integration of Harvester Data and Geospatial Information12/02/2017HTN07-03HTN07-03 (2.70 Mb)
NZDFI Breeding Research Plan08/02/2017SWP-WP020
Longer term monitoring of red needle cast: plot establishment and initial data collection02/02/2017ND-T014ND-T014 (5.27 Mb)
Phytophthora pluvialis zoospore survival at different relative humidity and temperature – Summary02/02/2017ND-T018ND-T018 Exec (526.79 Kb)
Pinus radiata photosynthesis and growth allocation by trees impacted by needle disease: a first look at Phytophthora infected grafts in the field02/02/2017ND-TN003ND-TN003 (660.28 Kb)
Elite Clones fog chamber trial02/02/2017HTHF-FN004
Screening current production lines of Pinu radiata for susceptibility to infection by P. pluvialis Part II02/02/2017HTHF-FN003
Pine transcirptomics update 201702/02/2017HTHF-FN002
Establishment of 2003/4 Elite clones for RNC testing – FR56402/02/2017HTHF-FN001
E.bosistoana Breeding Population Cravens DF0152_01Bos1031/01/2017SWP-FN017
Assessment of E. quadrangulata Breeding Population at Cuddons DF0155_01Qua1131/01/2017SWP-FN016
Dash et al 2016 Manuscript on monitoring-simulated-disease Small file03/01/201706
Garrett et al 2016 Draft Paper_Woodhill Tarawera nutrient pools_12121603/01/201705
GCFF FN-07 Understanding of onsite soil productivity drivers_Dec 201603/01/201704
GCFF FN-06 Site specific application of NuBalM_Dec 201603/01/201703
GCFF WP017 – GCFF WP017 Extension Phenotyping Platform03/01/201702
GCFF Q1 Minutes from Previous Meeting – 26 October03/01/201700a
GCFF Agenda and Meeting Presentations Q2 2016-1703/01/201700
GCFF PDF Print Version for Meeting03/01/20170
GCFF Q2 Report Update01/01/201701
Eucalyptus nitens Breeding Plan31/12/2016SWP-T018SWP-T018 (833.78 Kb)
Pot trial to evaluate the efficacy and persistence of Foschek and cuprous oxide to control RNC23/12/2016ND-T015ND-T015 (1.44 Mb)
Outline for the project ‘Understanding of soil productivity drivers’21/12/2016GCFF FN007
Outline for the project ‘Site specific application of NuBalM’21/12/2016GCFF FN006
HTHF News Issue 6 – December 201613/12/2016HTHF N06HTHF News Issue 6 (605.08 Kb)
Cypress breeding- towards the establishment of a third-generation Cupressus lusitanica population12/12/2016SWP-FN015