Report Name Published Report Download
Thermal modification of nitnes – Core Funding – FYI Only25/10/2016SWP-WP016
Drying Eucalyptus nitens: Screening for checking and collapse25/10/2016SWP-WP015
Screening breeding populations for heartwood quality & quantity and new tools for screening heartwood25/10/2016SWP-WP014
Niten’s OEL Scoping Study25/10/2016SWP-WP013
Heartwood formation in young Eucalyptus bosistoana22/10/2016SWP-T012SWP-T012 (856.70 Kb)
GCFF Proposed Field Trip 201720/10/201604
GCFF Proposed Conference 201720/10/201603
GCFF Q1 Report20/10/201602
GCFF Agenda and Meeting Presentations20/10/201601
McNeill (site 70) 2012 E. bosistoana breeding population 1st Assessment01/10/2016SWP-FN012
Identification of Issues and Opportunities for LVL from NZ Eucalypts01/10/2016SWP-T015SWP-T015 (1.26 Mb)
Economic comparison of Traditional and Genomic breeding programmes for Eucalyptus nitens01/10/2016SWP-T010SWP-T010 (760.65 Kb)
SWP Programme Update September 201625/09/2016SWP-TU01SWP-TU01 (1.32 Mb)
Scion’s Core Funded Experiments on scCO2 Wood Extracts (Proof of Concept)22/09/2016SWP-T013SWP-T013 (530.40 Kb)
Harvesting and Logistics Theme Update – November 201620/09/2016HTU-28HTU-28 (268.08 Kb)
Persistence of Trichoderma in Nursery and Forest Plantations17/09/2016BIO-T011BIO-T011 (1.27 Mb)
Production of Trichoderma inoculum for treatment of plant material17/09/2016BIO-T010BIO-T010 (1.09 Mb)
Harvesting and Logistics Theme Update – September 201609/09/2016HTU-27HTU-27 (242.03 Kb)
Development of an approach to investigate the effects of RNC-induced defoliation on photosynthesis and carbon assimilation02/09/2016HTHF-TN001HTHF-TN001 (690.21 Kb)
Early heartwood screening by wounding Milestone 101/09/2016SWP-FN013
Improving Yarding Productivity using Tension Monitors01/09/2016HTN09-02HTN09-02 (816.68 Kb)
Screening Eucalyptus bosistoana for Heartwood31/08/2016SWP-T009SWP-T009 (1.17 Mb)
Weeds: Environmental fate of trebuthylazine and hexazinone: Two New Zealand case studies25/08/2016Weeds 02Weeds TN-002 (719.41 Kb)
2015 – 2016 ND Referred Papers10/08/201601ND Q4 2015-16 papers journals (234.10 Kb)
Constructex Wire Rope: Initial Trials04/08/2016HTN08-08HTN08-08 (470.45 Kb)
Pest Management – Quarterly Report April- June 201601/08/2016SWP-FN011
Use of productivity indices to spatially predict optimal stnad density, value and the economic feasibility of pruning30/07/2016GCFF TN-010GCFF TN010 (456.58 Kb)
The potential of in-forest segregation using an acoustic tool on a harvester head30/07/2016GCFF TN-011GCFF TN011 (436.26 Kb)
Durability testing of various plantation grown Eucalyptus and other species25/07/2016SWP-WP012
Early Screening of Heartwood25/07/2016SWP-WP011
NZDFI Durable Eucalypt Tree Improvement Operational Plan 2016/1722/07/2016SWP-WP010
Support for SFF Paropsis Biocontrol22/07/2016SWP-WP009
Site Species Mapping Workshop 122/07/2016SWP-WP008
FOA Promotions 201622/07/2016SWP-WP007
Cypress Hybrid Clonal Trials22/07/2016SWP-WP006
Cypress Breeding population22/07/2016SWP-WP005
Nitens breeding Plan22/07/2016SWP-WP004
Eucalyptus CS1.1122/07/2016SWP-WP003
Douglas-fir Breeding Plan22/07/2016SWP-WP002
Segregation of eucalypts for low-growth strain to facilitate processing22/07/2016SWP-WP001
NuBalM pathway Summary of Plan 201620/07/201612
FOA funded project_Maintaining our licence to add fertilisers to forest soils_260416 v220/07/201611
Manuscript Meason et al CABALA_ 2016_07_19_ TST only20/07/201610
Draft paper Romagnoli etal 2016 Wood quality Climatic events20/07/201609
Draft paper Pont et al LiDARParameters_2016_06_2020/07/201608
Draft paper Pont et al LiDARCorrelations 2016_06_2020/07/201607
Draft paper Legg Bradley 2016 AcousticTOFMethods20/07/201606
Draft paper Dash et al 2016 SamplingError_Paper20/07/201605
File Note: FN05 Coker et al Mid-rotation field trial design_2016_07_2020/07/201604
RA3.2 Harrison et al Erosion Risk model and Database update20/07/201603k