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The decay resistance of six Eucalyptus species after three years exposure09/08/2019SWP-T085SWP-T085 updated (1.10 Mb)
Core funding Forest Protection research on species other than radiata pine 2019/2001/08/2019SWP-WP115
SWP Programme Update – July 201931/07/2019SWP-TU05SWP-TU05 (643.66 Kb)
Forest Biosecurity Q3 TST Meeting Agenda and Presentations – 25th July 201918/07/2019Q4 2018_2019
05 Manuscript Smaill et al_Changes to nursery chemical use alters seedlings properties_2019_06_2517/07/201905 Q4 GCFF 2018_19
04 Manuscript Coker et al_Foliar fertiliser_ Draft popular article 2019_06_2517/07/201904 GCFF Q4 2018_19
03 Manuscript 2019 Genetics Competition Growth Wood Quality – Updated Copy17/07/201903 GCFF Q4 2018_19
02 GCFF Q4 2018_19 Report17/07/201902 GCFF Q4 2018_19
01 GCFF Agenda & Presentations – 26 July 2019 – Q417/07/201901 GCFF Q4 2018_19
SWP Q4 TST Meeting – 23 July 201916/07/2019SWP Q4 2019
Preliminary economic outcomes of the GCFF mid-rotation fertiliser trials14/07/2019GCFF TN-026GCFF-TN026 (811.46 Kb)
Application of a wood-properties-based, techno-economic model in assessing the effects of stand density and seedlot on stumpage value in two Pinus radiata silviculture-breeds trials.14/07/2019GCFF TN-025GCFF-TN025 (694.62 Kb)
Sensing Volatile Compounds09/07/2019BIO-T021BIO-T021 (755.37 Kb)
Assessed defoliation of Eucalyptus nitens breeding population to quantify genetic basis of palatability to Paropsis charybdis09/07/2019SWP-T083SWP-T083 (1.74 Mb)
Assessing NZDFI durable eucalypt species for peeling and clonal propagation09/07/2019SWP-WP114
New Zealand Cable Logging 2008–2018: a Period of Change06/07/2019UoC 01New Zealand Cable Logging 2008-2018_a Period of Change (1.05 Mb)
Bioprotection for foliar diseases ande disorders of radiata pine – Bioprotection Project Overview 2017 – June 201901/07/2019BIO-T022BIO-T022 (3.97 Mb)
Comparison of TanDEM-X InSAR data and high-density ALS for the prediction of forest inventory attributes in plantation forests with steep terrain22/06/2019GCFF-T006GCFF-T006 (1.81 Mb)
An assessment of UAV laser scanning and photogrammetric point clouds for the measurement of young forestry trials22/06/2019GCFF TN-028GCFF-TN028 (822.64 Kb)
The Role of Micronutrients in Controlling Plant Diseases – Knowledge gaps and future research for tree species in particular22/06/2019GCFF TN-027GCFF-TN027 (322.39 Kb)
DNA fingerprinting to reconstruct parentage from trees in the forest – a second proof of concept22/06/2019GCFF TN-024GCFF-TN024 (662.46 Kb)
Testing UAV-bonre Riegl Mini VUX-1 scanner for phenotyping a mature genetics trial.22/06/2019GCFF TN-023GCFF-TN023 (1014.83 Kb)
The accelerator Trial series – update on progress to June 201922/06/2019GCFF TN-022GCFF-TN022 (1.39 Mb)
Breeding population maintenance – 2018/19.19/06/2019SWP-FN083
12 month Fungus Cellar Results for Thermally Modified Douglas-fir19/06/2019SWP-FN082
Collect UAV imagery over Howdens E. nitens progeny trial19/06/2019SWP-FN081
Height measurement of E.quadrangulata Breeding Population Trial, Bradshaw. DF0131_01Quad16.19/06/2019SWP-FN080
NZDFI Nursery Survey May-1919/06/2019SWP-FN079
Height measurement of E.quadrangulata Breeding Population Trial, Paparoa. DF0726_01Quad16.19/06/2019SWP-FN078
Trial designs for 3 Cupressus macrocarpa trials to be established winter 201919/06/2019SWP-FN077
Genetic correlations between cypress canker severity score, growth and form traits in Cupressus lusitanica in New Zealand19/06/2019SWP-M01
Forest Protection SSIF research on species other than radiata pine 2018/1919/06/2019SWP-T081SWP-T081 (5.50 Mb)
Assessing the Bending and Density Properties of six Eucalypt Species19/06/2019SWP-T080SWP-T080 (2.08 Mb)
Susceptibility of Eucalyptus bosistoana families to EVB defoliation19/06/2019SWP-T078SWP-T078 (1.57 Mb)
Sapwood depth tool – proof of concept field prototype19/06/2019SWP-T077SWP-T077 (1.61 Mb)
NZDFI Regional Strategic Plan document19/06/2019SWP-T076SWP-T076 (1.54 Mb)
Experimental studies on Douglas-fir CLT connections and core-walls07/06/2019SWP-T082SWP-T082 (7.80 Mb)
Rotary peeling of 15 year old E. bosistoana and E. quadrangulata05/06/2019SWP-T079SWP-T079 (1.24 Mb)
Implementation of genomic selection in provenance/progeny test of Douglas-fir05/06/2019SWP-T084SWP-T084 (1.16 Mb)
2019 Forest Growers Conference30/05/20192019 FGR ConferenceAgenda 2019 FGR Conference_Website (667.89 Kb)
Evaluation of wood stiffness in Douglas-fir progeny test FR280_2 and FR280_319/05/2019SWP-T075SWP-T075 (919.82 Kb)
Dimensional Stability of Specialty Species19/05/2019SWP-T074SWP-T074 (870.29 Kb)
Identifying processing opportunities for key specialty tree species – processing options analysis using the WoodScape model19/05/2019SWP-T073SWP-T073 (1.05 Mb)
Forest Biosecurity Q3 TST Meeting Agenda and Presentations – 7 May 201901/05/2019Q3 2018_2019
Elite trees selected for grafting from 2009 and 2010 E.bosistoana breeding populations20/04/2019SWP-FN076
Wood products from NZDFI species18/04/2019SWP-WP112
Population-genomics and taxonomy of Eucalyptus argophloia and E. bosistoana18/04/2019SWP-WP111
Maximising durable heartwood on optimal sites on New Zealand’s drylands18/04/2019SWP-WP110
Wood quality assessment of Eucalyptus globoidea18/04/2019SWP-WP109
Insect Pest Management – Durable Eucalypts18/04/2019SWP-WP108