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Time & motion study of battery powered pruning devices in Lake Taupo forest20/02/2023PSP-T003PSP-T003 (2.21 Mb)
Haptic Proximity System Research & Development16/02/2023HTN15-01HTN15-01 (523.76 Kb)
RFP TST Meeting Pack 9 February 202307/02/2023RFP TST 9th February 2023 - Meeting Pack
National forest owner survey and resource inventory of alternative species31/01/2023SWP-T159SWP-T159 (528.06 Kb)
Extending a fully compatible taper and volume equations for all stem components of Eucalyptus globoidea Blakely trees in New Zealand with a focus on heartwood prediction improvement31/01/2023SWP-T158SWP-T158 (2.42 Mb)
Assessment of Eucalyptus globoidea heartwood at Avery31/01/2023SWP-T157SWP-T157 (919.78 Kb)
Assessment of NZDFI’s 2016 Eucalyptus quadrangulata breeding population at NZRC Paparoa31/01/2023SWP-T156SWP-T156 (345.79 Kb)
Machinability of 28-year-old Eucalyptus globoidea wood31/01/2023SWP-T155SWP-T155 (2.59 Mb)
Bioprotection for foliar diseases and disorders of radiata pine. Project Overview January 2022 to December 202226/01/2023BIO-T027BIO-T027 FGR_Lincoln Update report January2022 to Dec 2022 (3.36 Mb)
Can Nursery Application of Trichoderma Inoculants Improve Stand Uniformity?26/01/2023BIO-T026BIO-T026 FGR_Lincoln Univ Technical Report Uniformity Dec 2022 (672.69 Kb)
Can Trichoderma increase nutrient uptake in planted radiata?26/01/2023BIO-T028BIO-T028 FGR_Lincoln Technical Report Nutrient Uptake Jan 2023 (1.06 Mb)
Q2 2022_23 PSP TST Meeting Papers 13Dec202208/12/2022Q2 2022_23 PSP TST Meeting Papers 13Dec2022
A Review of Cable Logging Literature06/12/2022H019H019 (733.40 Kb)
Improved Hauler Control Systems for Grapple Yarding06/12/2022H015H015 (638.62 Kb)
Cost and Productivity Benchmarking Update 2020-202130/11/2022HTN14-06HTN14-06 (265.96 Kb)
Capturing & Harnessing Embodied Cognition30/11/2022HTN14-05HTN14-05 (268.05 Kb)
Preliminary results of small-scale load dynamics testing30/11/2022HRN14-04HTN14-04 (398.52 Kb)
Evaluation of EMG Sensors for Biofeedback30/11/2022HTN14-03HTN14-03 (359.11 Kb)
Acoustic Analysis of Mechanical Log Processing30/11/2022HTN14-02HTN14-02 (561.74 Kb)
Inertial Measurement Units to Record Operator & Machine Movements30/11/2022HTN14-01HTN14-01 (469.34 Kb)
Development of a Semi-Automated Hauler and Grapple Carriage29/11/2022HO58H058 (1.92 Mb)
Management of Harvesting Residues : Results from a Delphi survey of forest industry experts29/11/2022HO57H057 (690.62 Kb)
Benefits of Individual Log Identification to Sawmills in New Zealand29/11/2022HO56H056 (529.39 Kb)
JAS Volume Measurement on Mechanised Processors29/11/2022HO55H055 (936.66 Kb)
Productivity of a winch-assisted forwarder & processor : A case study in the Hawkes Bay region29/11/2022HO54H054 (2.10 Mb)
Assessment of a winch-assisted skidder in Castle Downs Forest, New Zealand29/11/2022HO48H048 (4.47 Mb)
SWP TST Meeting Q1 2022-2023 Oct 11th 202229/11/2022SWP TST Q1 Oct 11th 2022-2023
SWP TST Meetings 2021-2022 Q4 July 7th 202229/11/2022Q4 July 7th 2022 2021-2022
A review of NZDFI PSP data for analysis – SWP WP 16629/11/2022SWP-FN144
Participation in Forestry Hub at Fieldays, Mystery Creek29/11/2022SWP-WP167
Contribution to MPI booklet on ready to plant species29/11/2022SWP-WP168
Genetic variation in collapse and other wood properties of Eucalyptus quadrangulata at mid-rotation age29/11/2022SWP-T152SWP-T152 (1.05 Mb)
Assessing paropsine damage on Eucalyptus trees with remote sensing29/11/2022SWP-T153SWP-T153 (976.02 Kb)
Densification of Eucalyptus nitens and E. fastigata – stability29/11/2022SWP-T148SWP-T148 (402.39 Kb)
Economics of pruning radiata29/11/2022PSP-T002PSP-T002_G11 (630.93 Kb)
Mechanised Pruning28/10/202208 PSP-TST-PPT Mechanised Pruning
Battery Powered Chainsaws in Waste Thinning28/10/2022PSP-TFN004
Forest Nurseries: Tree Stock Monitoring28/10/2022PSP-TFN003
Modern nursery technology for containerised and bare rooted production systems28/10/2022PSP-TR004PSP-TR004_G11 (2.20 Mb)
Precision Planting Technology Scan28/10/2022PSP-TR003PSP-TR003_G11 (3.69 Mb)
A Digital Strategy for the Silviculture Industry28/10/2022PSP-TFN002 A Digital Strategy for the Silviculture Industry
Mechanisation of Lifting in Forest Nurseries – A review of the Status of Mechanised Lifting28/10/2022PSP-TFN001
Mechanised Thin to Waste and Production Thinning Technologies: an International and Domestic Review28/10/2022PSP-TR002PSP-TR002_G11 (3.30 Mb)
Manual and Mechanised Pruning Technologies: A review of the literature28/10/2022PSP-TR001PSP-TR001_G11 (1.03 Mb)
Manual & mechanised Pruning Tech_G1028/10/2022PSP-T001
Data-Standards_David Herries14/10/2022PSP-TST- PPT Data-Standards
Forest Systems Presentation – Yvette Dickinson14/10/2022PSP-TST-PPT Forest Systems
Real-time-thinning-assessment-Workplan_David Herries14/10/2022PSP-TST PPT Real-time-thinning-assessment-Workplan
Battery saws in thinning – Presentation_Rob Prebble14/10/2022PSP-TST-PPT10 Battery saws in thinning
Presentation – Machine Thinning and More_Don Scott14/10/2022PSP-TST-PPT09 Machine Thinning and More