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Design for germination experiment focussed on reducing the germination period, with and without a cool storage option, with Pinus radiata (Scion) and Pinus sylvestris (LUKE)29/09/2021TCP-FN006
Experimental design for the proliferation of embryogenic cell lines of Pinus radiata in temporary immersion bioreactors29/09/2021TCP-FN005
Germination of coniferous somatic embryos29/09/2021TCP-FN004
Experimental design for testing the different micro-plugs with micro-shoots of Pinus radiata29/09/2021TCP-FN003
Mini-plug systems for ex vitro rooting of Pinus radiata micro-shoots29/09/2021TCP-T007TCP-T007 (1022.94 Kb)
Technical Report with SE fluidics system design – Georgia Tech29/09/2021TCP-T006TCP-T006 (1.12 Mb)
Forest Growers’ and Nursery Operator’s Perceptions of the Proposed TC21 Technologies29/09/2021TCP-T005TCP-T005 (373.93 Kb)
Micro-plug systems for micro-shoots and emblings of Pinus radiata – Experiment 129/09/2021TCP-T004TCP-T004 (1.07 Mb)
Installation and technical performance of Temporary immersion bioreactors system at Scion29/09/2021TCP-T003TCP-T003 (1.86 Mb)
Extraction section of the Experimental Fluidics System29/09/2021TCP-T002TCP-T002 _G10 (475.68 Kb)
Conceptual design of first-generation experimental customized TIM bioreactors with gas phase control (customized 1st GEN bioreactor) at GT29/09/2021TCP-T001TCP-T001 _G10 (610.52 Kb)
HB inventory strategy – stage 2 (WP152) M2 & 3 & 4 update29/09/2021SWP-FN127
Species validation of C. x ovensii boards29/09/2021SWP-FN126
Management of Woody Biomass: A review of the literature27/09/2021H049H049 (2.97 Mb)
Automated Truck load securing: a review of the literature27/09/2021H050H050 (2.68 Mb)
Pilot study of end-splitting of Eucalyptus fastigata at various times after felling15/09/2021SWP-WP159
Update on intensive remote sensing measurements at the Kinleith RNC copper exclusion trials07/09/2021RFP-FN022
What is the potential to integrate growth and disease models and what data is available to do this?07/09/2021RFP-FN020
National forest owner survey and resource inventory of alternative species27/08/2021SWP-T133SWP-T133 (752.62 Kb)
SWP Programme Update – August 202117/08/2021SWP-TU10SWP-TU10 2021 (1.24 Mb)
Cypress strategy workplan16/08/2021SWP-WP162
Thermal modification of young cypress timber16/08/2021SWP-WP161
Cypress heartwood development assessment16/08/2021SWP-WP160
NZDFI durable eucalypt R&D regional extension programme 2021-202216/08/2021SWP-WP157
Developing the potential of New Zealand’s small-scale sawmilling and alternative timber sector: proposal for regional NZ Specialty Wood Trade Shows and industry workshops16/08/2021SWP-WP156
Assessment of Eucalyptus globoidea heartwood at Avery16/08/2021SWP-T131SWP-T131 (1.30 Mb)
Techno-economic analysis of posts from specialty wood species and radiata pine16/08/2021SWP-T127SWP-T127 (713.62 Kb)
Techno-economic analysis of veneers & posts from specialty wood species (durable eucalypts)16/08/2021SWP-T126SWP-T126 (519.50 Kb)
Alternative Species Workshop Summary – Draft12/08/2021SWP PW-08Alternative species workshop summary (211.36 Kb)
FGR RFP TST Papers Q4 – 5th August 202103/08/2021RFP Q4 2021_2022
“Foliar pathogens of radiata pine: are there common triggers for resistance?”29/07/2021RFP-FN017
323A qPCR assay for Phytophthora pluvialis29/07/2021RFP-FN016
Soil and foliage spectroscopy for low cost rapid forest fertility measurement – sample coverage for key soil types for forestry29/07/2021RFP-FN015
Cupressus x ovensii Bending Strength and Stiffness15/07/2021SWP-T129SWP-T129 (975.93 Kb)
Experimental and Parametric Studies on Douglas-fir CLT Shear Walls with High Capacity Connections15/07/2021SWP-T128SWP-T128 (1.73 Mb)
Assessing heartwood in E. bosistoana cores from NIR hyperimages15/07/2021SWP-T124SWP-T124 (4.80 Mb)
The decay resistance of six Eucalyptus species after four years exposure15/07/2021SWP-T132SWP-T132 (1.05 Mb)
Forest Protection SSIF research on species other than radiata pine 2020/2106/07/2021SWP-T130SWP-T130 (4.89 Mb)
SWP Q4 TST Meeting Papers – 7 July 202105/07/2021SWP Q4 2020_2021
Social Extension of Quantitative Portfolio Framework24/06/2021RFP-T013RFP-T013 (489.16 Kb)
Towards quantitative analysis of social risk in forest planning24/06/2021RFP-T012RFP-T012 (525.30 Kb)
Risk perception and climate change adaptation: initial survey results using Protection Motivation Theory approach24/06/2021RFP-T010RFP-T010 (1023.95 Kb)
Genetic Variation for Economically Important Traits in Cupressus lusitanica in New Zealand23/06/2021SWP PW-07SWP PW-07 (3.57 Mb)
Coring Eucalyptus globoidea at Ngaumu23/06/2021SWP-FN125
Marking up and thinning E. bosistoana breeding population planted 2010 at Avery, Marlborough23/06/2021SWP-FN124
Soil Jar test results: Thermally modified Cupressus lusitanica23/06/2021SWP-FN123
Interim fungus cellar results23/06/2021SWP-FN122
Graveyard stake testing of C. x ovensii and Leyland Cypress23/06/2021SWP-FN121
Report on results of 2020/21 support for search for a parasite free population of Eadya daenerys in Australia.23/06/2021SWP-FN120
Heartwood screening of selected cypress clones and hybrids.23/06/2021SWP-FN119