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SWP Programme Update – August 202007/08/2020SWP-TU07SWP-TU07 (459.98 Kb)
Interim fungus cellar results07/08/2020SWP-FN105
Review of available C. ovensii PSP data07/08/2020SWP-FN104
Literature Review of In-forest debarking07/08/2020H044H044 (2.97 Mb)
Remote Felling Wedge17/07/2020HAR-P005Operating Manual_TR300_EN V2 (844.31 Kb)
Bioprotection for foliar diseases ande disorders of radiata pine – Bioprotection Project Overview 2019 – June 202017/07/2020BIO-T023BIO-T023 (3.46 Mb)
21st Century Tissue Culture – a new science and innovation programme supporting the New Zealand forest growing industry15/07/2020TCP-A0121st Century Tissue Culture Article (345.50 Kb)
FGR RFP TST Papers Q4 – 21 July 202015/07/2020RFP Q4 2019_2020
Survey: A proposal to develop New Zealand’s alternative timbers industry14/07/2020SWP_SurveyAlternative timbers and small-scale sawmilling_Discussion document (1.00 Mb)
Eucalyptus nitens breeding plan update 202010/07/2020SWP-T104SWP-T104 (1.37 Mb)
Densification of E. fastigata and E. nitens for improved surface hardness10/07/2020SWP-T105SWP-T105 (761.98 Kb)
Forest Protection SSIF research on species other than radiata pine 2019/2010/07/2020SWP-T102SWP-T102 (1.63 Mb)
SWP Q4 TST Meeting Papers – 9 July 202008/07/2020SWP Q4 2019_2020
Predicting Estate Productivity using Area-Based Phenotyping and Machine Learning07/07/2020RFP-T007RFP-T007 (703.33 Kb)
NZDFI Nursery Survey 202023/06/2020SWP-FN103
Breeding population maintenance – 2019/20.23/06/2020SWP-FN102
Puruki Experimental Forest – data collection going into harvest20/06/2020RFP-FN005
Modelling and quantifying needle disease impacts17/06/2020RFP-TN008RFP-TN008 (862.58 Kb)
Red Needle Cast monitoring framework using high resolution satellite imagery16/06/2020RFP-T008RFP-T008 (4.10 Mb)
Value of veneer, wood fibre and posts from improved Eucalyptus bosistoana trees10/06/2020SWP-T101SWP-T101 (1.65 Mb)
Douglas Fir Strategy27/05/2020SWP-WP121
Thinning E. bosistoana breeding population planted 2009 at Lawsons23/05/2020SWP-FN101
Douglas fir Resource Characterisation23/05/2020SWP-FN100
FGR TCP TST Papers Q3 – 26 May 202019/05/2020TCP Q3 2019_2020
TR300 Remote Felling Wedge15/05/2020HTN12-07HTN12-07 (615.38 Kb)
Using NIR to screen E. nitens for checking and collapse05/05/2020SWP-WP138
Identifying Key Parameter for RNC Severity Modelling and Prediction26/04/2020RFP-T005RFP-T005 (805.67 Kb)
Variability in needle resin canal frequency and size in Pinus radiata24/04/2020HTHF-FN005
FGR RFP TST Papers Q3 – 23rd April 202023/04/2020RFP Q3 2019_2020
SWP Q3 TST Meeting Papers – 29th April 202023/04/2020SWP Q3 2019_2020
Portable sawmilling of locally grown alternative timber species23/04/2020SWP-T100SWP-T100 (3.97 Mb)
Monitoring the seasonal growth impact of foliar pathogens – an ideal sensor network20/04/2020RFP-T003RFP-T003 (1.15 Mb)
Needs of stakeholders and state-of-the-art in tree and forest growth simulation20/04/2020RFP-T002RFP-T002 (1.70 Mb)
Review of literature on the development of climatic and socio-economic scenarios for New Zealand forestry20/04/2020RFP-T001RFP-T001 (1.37 Mb)
A data catalogue for developing prototype individual-tree growth simulator and specifications for future data collection20/04/2020RFP-TN001RFP-TN001 (242.13 Kb)
Population genomics of E. bosistoana and E. argophloia17/04/2020SWP-FN097
NZ Cypress Timber Industry Strategy17/04/2020SWP-WP120
Assessment of Winch-Assist Skidder in Gisborne, New Zealand16/04/2020H043H043 (1.63 Mb)
Experimental testing of high capacity screwed connections in Douglas-fir CLT10/04/2020SWP-T098SWP-T098 (2.51 Mb)
Quantitative modelling of climate adaptation decisions in forestry07/04/2020RFP-FN014
SWP Programme Update – March 202031/03/2020SWP-TU06SWP-TU06 (643.74 Kb)
Evaluation of post recovery from age 9 and 10 year old E.bosistoana27/03/2020SWP-FN098
Assessing properties of E. nitens laminated flooring.27/03/2020SWP-T097SWP-T097 (1.26 Mb)
Safety benefits of growing forestry technology18/03/2020HTN12-06HTN12-06 (405.82 Kb)
Automation and Robotics Theme Update – March 202018/03/2020HTU-34HTU-34 (372.88 Kb)
Harvester Simulator Training in Finland18/03/2020HTW-019HTW-019 (1.20 Mb)
Using Data Envelopment Analysis to explore Productivity Benchmarking in the New Zealand Harvesting Sector18/03/2020H042H042 (720.63 Kb)
Wooden posts – A review17/03/2020SWP-T095SWP-T095 (4.33 Mb)
A Woodlot Analysis Tool – Designed and Initial Testing09/03/2020HTN12-05HTN12-05 (486.59 Kb)
SWP Q2 TST Meeting Papers – 28 February 202020/02/2020SWP Q2 2019_2020