Harvesting Technical Notes

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Report Name Published Report Download
Helihawk Slash Grapple – First Production Trial23/12/2019HTN11-02HTN11-02 (1.24 Mb)
Comparison of Felling Heads to Reduce Tree Breakage23/12/2019HTN11-01HTN11-01 (883.98 Kb)
Survey of Yarders and Rigging Configurations: 201822/11/2018HTN10-04HTN10-04 (317.46 Kb)
Utilisation of Winch-Assist Machines05/09/2018HTN10-03HTN10-03 (1023.14 Kb)
Integrated biomass harvesting for New Zealand operations05/09/2018HTN10-01HTN10-01 (1.21 Mb)
Production Trials of the HarvestNav Machine Navigation System05/12/2017HTN09-10HTN09-10 (976.12 Kb)
Production Trials of the CutoverCam05/12/2017HTN09-09 HTN09-09 (1017.01 Kb)
Tension Monitoring of Winch-Assist Systems02/10/2017HTN09-07HTN09-07 (545.01 Kb)
A Study of Breakout Forces in Cable Logging31/07/2017HTN09-06HTN09-06 (521.07 Kb)
Productivity of the Koller K602H Yarder in Radiata Pine31/07/2017HTN09-04HTN09-04 (457.07 Kb)
Wire Rope End Connectors for Winch-assisted Machines11/06/2017HTN09-05HTN09-05 (556.48 Kb)
Development of a Tension Monitoring App09/06/2017HTN09-01HTN09-01 (629.12 Kb)
Potential Demand for Haulers over the Next Ten Years13/02/2017HTN05-04HTN05-04 (2.24 Mb)
Integration of Harvester Data and Geospatial Information12/02/2017HTN07-03HTN07-03 (2.70 Mb)
Improving Yarding Productivity using Tension Monitors01/09/2016HTN09-02HTN09-02 (816.68 Kb)
Constructex Wire Rope: Initial Trials04/08/2016HTN08-08HTN08-08 (470.45 Kb)
Measuring Skyline Deflection with the LineSmarts ‘App’01/07/2016HTN08-07HTN08-07 (632.62 Kb)
Productivity of the Active 70 Tower Yarder30/06/2016HTN08-05HTN08-05 (550.68 Kb)
Improved In-forest Communication Methods01/05/2016HTN08-06HTN08-06 (705.50 Kb)
Quick Coupler Mechanism Technical and Economic Feasibility10/12/2015HTN08-04HTN08-04 (683.85 Kb)