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GCFF Conference 2018 – Current innovations and opportunities in forest management and productivity04/04/2018GCFF C05 ()
LVL Trial: Pre-Harvest Stand Assessment29/03/2018SWP-T042SWP-T042 (2.63 Mb)
NZDFI Regional Strategic Plan consultation document29/03/2018SWP-T041SWP-T041 (1.23 Mb)
Addendum to SW-FN020. 2018 Flowering assessment of Cravens Road and Martins 2010 E. bosistoana breeding population flowering assessment.26/03/2018SWP-FN052
Marking up for pruning 2011 E. globoidea JNL Ngaumu26/03/2018SWP-FN051
E. bosistoana 2009 breeding population growth and form assessment at Martins, Nth Canterbury.26/03/2018SWP-FN050
Heartwood assessment Avery E. bosistoana 2010 breeding trial26/03/2018SWP-FN049
E. globoidea selections for the establishment of a grafted seed orchard26/03/2018SWP-FN048
Robots are coming to NZ Forests22/03/2018H01Stick Insect 1 (150.96 Kb)
SWP Programme Description 201820/03/2018SWP-T043SWP-T043 (1.58 Mb)
Reconstructing parentage in Pinus radiata using exome capture genotyping – proof of concept in FR10/014/03/2018GCFF TN-020GCFF-TN020 (401.36 Kb)
FGR Biosecurity Q2 TST Agenda and Presentations15/02/2018FB 02
Harvesting and Logistics Theme Update – February 201807/02/2018HTU-32HTU-32 (641.95 Kb)
Ideas for youtube videos of GCFF research to be used for tech transfer07/02/2018GCFFQ2-05
Manuscript DRAFT – The Living Stem: a simulator of tree stem formation and function07/02/2018GCFFQ2-04
DRAFT Manuscript – Integrating broadband satellite and narrowband UAV multispectral imagery to improve physiological stress detection in forest trees07/02/2018GCFFQ2-03
GCFF Q2 2017_18 Update07/02/2018GCFFQ2-02
GCFF 2017-18 Q2 – Agenda and Presentations07/02/2018GCFFQ2-01
HTHF News Issue 8 – February 201801/02/2018HTHF N08HTHF News Issue 8 (1.82 Mb)
NZDFI Update: July – December 201724/01/2018NZDFI-1818. NZDFI Project Update July-December 2017 (1.31 Mb)
NZDFI Update: January – June 201724/01/2018NZDFI-1717. NZDFI-Project-Update-Jan-June-2017-17.7.17 (2.17 Mb)
NZDFI Update: July – December 201624/01/2018NZDFI-1616. NZDFI-Project-Update-July-December-2016 (1.75 Mb)
NZDFI Update: January – June 201624/01/2018NZDFI-1515. NZDFI-Project-Update-January-June-2016 (1.85 Mb)
NZDFI Update: July – December 201524/01/2018NZDFI-1414. NZDFI-July-to-December2015-Project-Update (1.33 Mb)
NZDFI Update: December 2014 – June 201524/01/2018NZDFI-1313.-Dec-2014-to-June-2015 (869.48 Kb)
NZDFI Update: July 2014 – November 201424/01/2018NZDFI-1212.-July2014-to-Nov-2014 (765.56 Kb)
NZDFI Update: December 2013 – June 201424/01/2018NZDFI-1111.-Dec-2013-to-June-2014 (1.15 Mb)
NZDFI Update: July – November 201324/01/2018NZDFI-1010.-July-2013-to-Nov-2013 (643.38 Kb)
NZDFI Update: March 2013 – June 201324/01/2018NZDFI-099.-March-2013-to-June-2013 (1.06 Mb)
NZDFI Update: November 2012 – February 201324/01/2018NZDFI-088.-Nov-2012-to-Feb-2013 (825.02 Kb)
NZDFI Update: July – October 201224/01/2018NZDFI-077.-July-2012-to-October-2012 (4.02 Mb)
NZDFI Update: March – June 201224/01/2018NZDFI-066.-March-2012-to-June-2012 (1.07 Mb)
NZDFI Update: November 2011 – February 201224/01/2018NZDFI-055.-Nov-2011-to-Feb-2012 (872.40 Kb)
NZDFI Update: July – October 201124/01/2018NZDFI-044.-July-2011-to-Oct-2011 (928.67 Kb)
NZDFI Update: March – June 201124/01/2018NZDFI-033.-March-2011-to-June-2011 (1.13 Mb)
NZDFI Update: November 2010 – February 201124/01/2018NZDFI-022.-Nov-2010-to-Feb-2011 (1.13 Mb)
NZDFI Update: July – October 201024/01/2018NZDFI-011.July-2010-to-October-2010 (619.31 Kb)
Durable eucalyptus peeling trial24/12/2017SWP-WP051
Final results for 2016/17 Nitens drying study22/12/2017SWP-FN047
Atkinson 2011 E. globoidea breeding population flowering assessment22/12/2017SWP-FN046
Method development to assess bioactivity of heartwood extracts ‘Bioactivity of heartwood compounds’22/12/2017SWP-FN045
Durable eucalypt species research – establishing new demo trials – propagation of planting stock22/12/2017SWP-FN044
Isolation and characterisation of fungal partners in the Pinus radiata root microbiome18/12/2017BIO-T016BIO-T016 (720.57 Kb)
Colonisation and Persistence of Pinus radiata seedlings with selected Trichoderma treatments18/12/2017BIO-T015BIO-T015 (1.33 Mb)
Monitoring establishment and long-term persistence of a model Trichoderma strain (LU633) in Pinus radiata plantation trials using qPCR12/12/2017BIO-T017BIO-T017 (1.19 Mb)
Joule Heating Presentation – Conference Field Trip09/12/2017AC2017-33FGR2017_Joule heating (3.59 Mb)
Steepland Harvesting Programme_Summary Report_final05/12/2017H032 H032 (1.10 Mb)
Trials of the Skyshifter Tail Hold Carriage05/12/2017H031H031 (2.72 Mb)
Production Trials of the HarvestNav Machine Navigation System05/12/2017HTN09-10HTN09-10 (976.12 Kb)
Production Trials of the CutoverCam05/12/2017HTN09-09 HTN09-09 (1017.01 Kb)