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E. globoidea wood sampling at Atkinson’s, Wairarapa20/03/2019SWP-FN075
Harvest Residue Management on Erosion Prone Land12/03/2019Erosion01Harvest Residue Management on Erosion Prone Land Report (344.09 Kb)
Molecular deformation of wood and cellulose studied by near infrared and Raman spectroscopy03/03/2019SWP-T071SWP-T071 (4.71 Mb)
Hybrid growth models for Eucalyptus globoidea and E. bosistoana26/02/2019SWP-T070SWP-T070 includes Thesis (4.22 Mb)
SWP Q2 TST Meeting – 26th February 201919/02/2019SWP Q2 - 2018/19
Timing of copper application for control of red needle cast pot trial17/02/2019ND-TN005ND-TN005 (711.86 Kb)
Forest Biosecurity Q2 TST Meeting Agenda and Presentations – 20 February 201914/02/2019Q2 2018_2019
Colonisation and persistence of Pinus radiata cuttings with selected Trichoderma treatments28/01/2019BIO-T020BIO-T020 (2.16 Mb)
Predicting a productivity response after nitrogen fertiliser addition21/12/2018GCFF FN020
Closing the window of vulnerability – Pine and Willow trial in the Waikura valley21/12/2018GCFF FN019
GCFF Referred Scientific Journal Papers – 201818/12/2018GCFF-SJ06GCFF-SJ06 (195.59 Kb)
Wood sampling and thinning 2011 E. globoidea JNL Ngaumu14/12/2018SWP-FN074
Harvesting & Logistics Theme Update – December 201807/12/2018HTU-33HTU-33 (215.58 Kb)
Isolation and characterisation of Trichoderma isolates from Pinus radiata roots in warm and cold regions07/12/2018BIO-T019BIO-T019 (1.97 Mb)
Summary of Trichoderma Research Trials07/12/2018BIO-T018BIO-T018 (5.18 Mb)
NZDFI – Project Update, July – December 201801/12/2018NZDFI-19NZDFI (86.83 Kb)
Extending durable eucalypt species research by establishing new demonstration trials in 201801/12/2018SWP-T069SWP-T069 (2.21 Mb)
Harvesting Technology Watch – December 2018 – Alpine Shovel Yarder in New Zealand01/12/2018HTW-018HTW-018 (439.84 Kb)
Survey of Yarders and Rigging Configurations: 201822/11/2018HTN10-04HTN10-04 (317.46 Kb)
Identifying processing opportunities for key specialty tree species – resource analysis19/11/2018SWP-T068SWP-T068 (1.76 Mb)
Sapwood depth tool: Stage 214/11/2018SWP-WP080
Economic impact of eucalyptus tortoise beetle (Paropsis charybdis) in New Zealand14/11/2018SWP-T067SWP-T067 (754.33 Kb)
Small scale peeling trial of E. bosistoana and quadrangulata with Nelson Pine Industries04/11/2018SWP-FN073
Non-destructive measurement of strain in moist eucalypt wood using NIR spectroscopy04/11/2018SWP-FN072
E. globoidea Pre-Harvest Stand Assessment04/11/2018SWP-FN071
Establishment report 2018 P. menziesii progeny trials04/11/2018SWP-FN070
SWP TST Meeting Presentations from NZDFI02/11/2018SWP Q1 2018 01a
SWP TST Agenda and Field Trip Safety Plan – Wednesday, 7th November 201831/10/2018SWP Q1 2018 03
SWP TST Agenda and Meeting Papers for Q1 2018_19 – 8 November 201831/10/2018SWP Q1 2018 02
SWP TST Meeting Presentations from Scion31/10/2018SWP Q1 2018 01
GCFF Newsletter: Issue 9, October 201826/10/2018GCFF-N0909 GCFF_October 2018_News (444.79 Kb)
The decay resistance of six Eucalyptus species in stake and stakelet trials after two years exposure26/10/2018SWP-T066SWP-T066 (1.18 Mb)
Assessment of RNC growth plots 201825/10/2018ND-FN003
Advertise for PhD student25/10/2018SWP-FN069
Coring of E. bosistoana Martins trial planted in 200925/10/2018SWP-FN068
Timbermax “Traction-Winch T10” Steep Slope Operation in British Columbia’s Monashee Mountains25/10/2018FPI03FPI July 2018 - No 15 (1.18 Mb)
Harvestline Yarder Operations in British Columbia’s Kootenay Region25/10/2018FPI02FPI June 2018 - No 14 (1.18 Mb)
Herzog MW500 Synchrowinch External Traction Winch25/10/2018FPI01FPI May 2018 - No 12 (1.72 Mb)
GCFF Q1 2018-19 Report24/10/2018GCFF Q
Development and testing of the Nutrient Balance Model (NuBalM) – site specific function24/10/2018GCFF FN018
Soil productivity drivers in New Zealand planted forests24/10/2018GCFF FN017
05 2018 Water value function in FIF 24 Sep 201824/10/2018GCFF Q118 06
04 Abstract Nursery Outplanting Paper_KANG1172_524/10/2018GCFF Q118 05
03 Abstract Only Draft GxExTreatment_KANG86124/10/2018GCFF Q118 04
02. Manuscript Draft Beets et al 2018_Paper_Soil Productivity Drivers24/10/2018GCFF Q118 03
01. Manuscript Draft Beets et al 2018_Paper_NuBalM24/10/2018GCFF Q118 02
GCFF_Q1 2018-2019 Agenda & Presentations – TST Meeting_31 Oct 201824/10/2018GCFF Q118 01
Forest Biosecurity Q1 TST Meeting Agenda and Presentations – 30 October 201823/10/2018Q1 2018_2019
Site species mapping: Grow plants for establishing 3 trials in 201928/09/2018SWP-FN067
Douglas-fir breeding – Measured wood stiffness at Kaingaroa Cpt 132228/09/2018SWP-FN066