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Harvesting and Logistics Theme Update – November 201728/11/2017HTU-31HTU-31 (1.63 Mb)
SWP Programme Update – November 201725/11/2017SWP-TU03SWP-TU03 (931.77 Kb)
Douglas-fir breeding and genomics aligned SSIF24/11/2017SWP-WP057
Graveyard durability trials24/11/2017SWP-WP056
Cypress macrocarpa trials24/11/2017SWP-WP055
Douglas-fir breeding trials24/11/2017SWP-WP054
Site species mapping – Demonstration plots (dfir, fasti, cypress, nitens)24/11/2017SWP-WP053
Screen Avery trial for heartwood with cores24/11/2017SWP-WP052
LVL: Log – Product Stiffness Decision Tool24/11/2017SWP-WP050
Assessing E. nitens flooring product distortion24/11/2017SWP-WP049
Properties of Douglas-fir Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) and the Connection Behaviour24/11/2017SWP-WP048
Portable field tool to measure sapwood depth24/11/2017SWP-WP046
Thermal Modification of Douglas-fir for improved Durability24/11/2017SWP-WP043
Grafting for preserving breeding archive material for Douglas-fir22/11/2017SWP-FN043
Establishment report 2017 Cypress hybrids trials. FR563 series22/11/2017SWP-FN042
Establishment report 2017 C. lusitanica progeny 3rd generation breeding trials FR562 series22/11/2017SWP-FN041
Genetic resources of Southland Eucalyptus nitens22/11/2017SWP-FN040
Fungal decay of E. bosistoana heartwood22/11/2017SWP-FN039
Prediction of Extractive Content of E. globoidea Heartwood Using NIR Spectroscopy16/11/2017SWP-T040SWP-T040 (2.40 Mb)
Effectiveness of riparian buffers for trapping sediment in steepland plantation forests09/11/2017SP001Effectiveness of Riparian Bufers for trapping Sediment (3.99 Mb)
Management Options to increase Radiata Stress Tolerance – Progress to Date08/11/2017GCFF TN-019GCFF TN019 (960.94 Kb)
Benchmarking Cost and Productivity – 2016 Data26/10/2017HTN09-08HTN09-08 (523.04 Kb)
Performance of naturally durable eucalypt posts in Marlborough vineyards25/10/2017SWP-T039SWP-T039 (5.67 Mb)
FGR Biosecurity Q1 TST Agenda and Presentations 201725/10/2017FB 01
Yao et al 2017 Manuscript_forest brown kiwi 22 Sep 201725/10/201705
Manuscript: Pearse et al 2017 Manuscript_ALS_Satellite_comparison_300dpi25/10/201704
GCFF Q1 Report25/10/201702
GCFF TST Meeting 26 October 2017 – Agenda and Presentations25/10/201701
Productivity and nutrients – Long-term Sustainable Productivity trial series25/10/2017GCFF FN014
Preparation for new demonstration plots24/10/2017SWP-WP047
2017 FGR Annual Conference Agenda20/10/2017AC2017-0100b Agenda 2017 FGR Conference (417.61 Kb)
Commercialisation of Remote Sensing for Forest Owners – Video18/10/2017AC2017-3232 Commericalising Remote Sensing_ D Herries (17.08 Mb)
Summary of Remote Sensing Projects – Video18/10/2017AC2017-31Remote Sensing for Forest Owners - M Watt (2.36 Mb)
UAV Applications for Commercial Forestry18/10/2017AC2017-2930 UAV Applications for Commercial Forestry (592.99 Kb)
Hydraulic Quick Coupler – Video18/10/2017AC2017-2929 Doherty Quick Coupler_K Raymond (614.85 Kb)
Improving Small-Plantation and Woodlot Inventory18/10/2017AC2017-2828 Improving Small-Plantation and Woodlot Inventory (3.28 Mb)
Forecaster Calculator18/10/2017AC2017-2727 Forecaster_Calculator_ M Evans (980.69 Kb)
Drylands and Vineyard Posts – Video18/10/2017AC2017-2626 Durable Eucalypt Vineyard Posts_P Millen (1.15 Mb)
Eucalyptus nitens Breeding and Seed Orchards18/10/2017AC2017-2525 Eucalyptus nitens Breeding_M Suontama (1.25 Mb)
Future LTO Challenges18/10/2017AC2017-2424 Future LTO Challenges_K Taylor (358.78 Kb)
Log Fumigation Update18/10/2017AC2017-2323 Log Fumigation Update_D Hammond (467.50 Kb)
Fate of Log Exports and ETS Implications18/10/2017AC2017-2222 Fate of Log Exports and ETS Implications_B Manley (434.38 Kb)
ErodeNZ, the story so far… – Video18/10/2017AC2017-2121 ErodeNZ, the story so far - D Harrison (621.87 Kb)
Stream Recovery and Copper in Waterways18/10/2017AC2017-2020 Streamm Recover B Baillie (2.02 Mb)
Sources of Sedimentation18/10/2017AC2017-1919 Sources of Sedimentation_K Brown (922.42 Kb)
Bio Stimulants – Foliar Sprays – Video18/10/2017AC2017-1717 _ 18 Biostimulants and Foliar Sprays (2.58 Mb)
Sources of Sedimentation18/10/2017AC2017-1919 Sources of Sedimentation_K Brown (922.42 Kb)
2017 FGR Conference 2017 – Agenda18/10/2017AC2017-0000b Agenda 2017 FGR Conference (417.61 Kb)
Bio Protection Successes18/10/2017AC2017-1616 Bio Protection Successes (1.41 Mb)
Nursery and Seedling Optimisation – Video18/10/2017AC2017-1415 Nursery and seedling optimisation_S Smaill (2.31 Mb)